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Swirl of cinnamon danish cheescake and creamy caramel.

Lunartic says,
Red alert! Red alert! Collision eminent! Those are the LAST words a Lunartic wants to hear when the lander is on final approach. Seems to happen every time we come in for a landing. The flight computer, “PAL” gets all upset and can’t seem to get us to the landing pad without crashing. Crashing is not good! Fortunately, yours truly is a highly trained and professional final approach coordinator. Just when it seems like we are on a collision course with the ground and doomed to crash, I whip out my trusty vape stick, take a big vape of my special “Collision Course” vape juice and gently set us down right next to the Vape Lab door. PAL gets really touchy after one of those little episodes. She doesn’t like to be over-ridden you know. I tried to give PAL some “Collision Course” vape juice through one of her input ports but she just can’t appreciate the nice warm Cinnamon-Cheesecake flavor. Plus, my special sweet nectar sauce doesn’t agree with her output ports. Bet you will love it though! Too bad PAL.


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Collision Course 8.6

This is a winner, great desert vape. Definitely get not only the cinnamon bun but the cheese also. TH a bit light, but you may feel different. This is a re-order .

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Cinnamon, Cheesecake, Sugar

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did not steep

  • Great Taste
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Posted on September 5, 2013 10:43 pm

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