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A complex blend of Turkish and Eastern Tobaccos that come together for a rich smooth blend. We’ve also introduced some RY4 elements into this eliquid to make it unique!

Slightly sweet Turkish Tobacco with a warm smooth body and aromatic high notes, complimented by a blend of creamy Caramels for just the right amount of Sweetness.

Exhaling thru your mouth gives you a sweeter Tobacco flavor while exhaling thru your nose provides a richer, bolder experience. This vape is sure to be the golden treasure of any Empire!

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Empire 11.0

After Mystik, this is my new ADV(all day vape). Even if you don't normally enjoy tobacco vapes, this one will become addictive. I was never a fan of tobacco vapes as all the ones I tried previously reminded me of cigarettes that were nasty and harsh. All that changed when I began to order from CCV. The tobacco vapes here are like no others on the market. I've tried many tobacco vapes from many different vendors and have determined these to be of the best quality and flavor out there. There are other vendors who have great tobacco vapes but these are, imo, the best ones you can purchase to date. If you like El Kamino from GLV, give this one a shot; it has more tobacco flavor and has a richer quality to it.

The flavor of Empire is very unique. First, you get the Turkish tobacco but then the Indian tobacco comes through while white chocolate and caramel quickly rush in giving this a complex and multi-layered experience. If you exhale through your mouth, you will get a wonderful sweet tobacco flavor while if you exhale through your nose, it will be mostly a smooth tobacco flavor. This is an exotic tobacco vape and is like nothing else you've ever tried!

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Atomiser/mod setup

Smoktech Aero Tank/Vision Spinner

Flavour notes

exotic Turkish and Indian tobaccos, white chocolate, caramel

Bought from

Crystal Canyon Vapes online webstore

Steeping method

Did not steep

  • Top quality nic base (excellent, smooth)
  • Glass dropper bottles
  • Consistency with each and every order
  • Needs to have 120 mil or larger quantities bottle size
  • Makes other brands seem bland after vaping CCV
  • Makes it impossible to stop vaping(addiction to CCV)
Posted on March 13, 2014 6:51 pm

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