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We’ve used a blend of flavors from Tombstone to create this Blueberry Tobacco vape. Sweet and tangy Blueberry is perfectly balanced with our unique Tobacco to create a sweet and savory eliquid!

On the inhale you get a rich and smooth Tobacco flavor and the Blueberry comes to life on the exhale. Slightly sweet, with just a bit of flair, the Berry flavor compliments this Tobacco nicely. Its a showdown in the streets of Tombstone where Wild Blueberry meets a rich smooth Tobacco! Its High Noon… Are you ready to draw?!?

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High Noon 11.0

This is a tobacco blend with tangy blueberry. The taste is full and rich with a definite blueberry flavor that isn't too weak. There is a medium throat hit and lots of vapor. The flavor gets better over time, but I didn't wait for it to steep before I began vaping it.

High Noon is what I would consider to be a "comfort vape"; I can vape it all day long but it is so relaxing just before bedtime. The tobacco blend is smooth and rich but not overpowering at all.

This has become one of my favorite eliquids.

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Atomiser/mod setup

Smoktech Aero Tank/Vision Spinner

Flavour notes

tangy blueberry, tobacco blend

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Crystal Canyon Vapes online webstore

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  • Comes in glass dropper bottles up to 60 ml
  • Packed securely in bubblewrap and shipped in cardboard boxes(always)
  • Each order has been consistent over the past 6 plus months
  • Needs to have 120 mil or larger quantities bottle size
Posted on March 27, 2014 2:29 am

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