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Cubana 5.8

as i quite like cuban flavours i though i would give this a whirl as ive never tried hangsen liquids before.
so on initial inspection it comes in a nice bottle and has a nice deep colour like maple syrup.
smell from the bottle is of coconut and banana which is a little confusing considering its supposed to be cubana.
maybe the "ana" is a clue.
so loaded up in and evod with fresh wick what do you get.?
well you dont get cubana or nothing similar to what ive tried before cubana wise.
the inhale is predominantly Virginian tobacco (which i still think is the best to go for if your new to e cigs and trying to give up smoking )
roll it around the mouth a bit and its very sweet, maple syrup sweet mixed with a woody smoke taste.
theres not alot to it. its a simple and uncomplicated juice.
one of the nice things is the vapor has a nice woody smell to it which inst unpleasant at all.

the problem i have with this liquid is mainly me. ive moved on, there are some fantastic flavours out there and people are getting ever more creative with them. this just feels like one of those generic flvours you would get thrown in a e cig starter kit or something similar.
which is no bad thing and if your starting out into e cigs im sure itll help you along the way.
but for me it just dont cut it.

happy vaping :)

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100% PG

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maple syrup virginian tobacco

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  • Cheap
  • Good Vapour
  • good starter liquid
  • very sweet
  • to simple for some
  • cheap
Posted on November 17, 2013 11:08 am

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