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This 70pg/30vg blend is unique and zingy, with a mild bodied hit and heaps of after taste. Blended Chai tea leaves with spearmint notes make this a lovely all day vape.

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Flavour ( 9.5 )
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Chai Mint Chai Mint Chai Mint

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Chai Mint 8.8

This juice came in a 10ml plastic bottle with the Digbys logo on the front, with Chai Mint written across the top on the logo, and was supplied by the kind team at Digbys Juices based in the heart of Dorset, in the UK.

The Ejuice is described on Digbys website as Follows:

This 70/30vg blend is light and zingy, with a mild hit and heaps of after taste. Blended Chai tea leaves with spearmint notes make this a lovely all day vape.

On opening this interestingly named bottle of ejuice you get a suttle a minty smell, with even a hint of chocolate.Undertones of a lite mint coming from the spearmint.

This juice was tested in a fresh Smok Tech Dual Coil cartomiser, on my Innokin ITaste SVD, at 9 watts.

On vaping this juice, you instantly know it is full of body and flavour, on drawing the vapor in you get an aromatic flavour coming with a very slight, what I would describe a a peppery kick, through which seems to generate a mild sensation of Tingling on the tongue, defiantly wakes up the taste buds. But in a good way, this juice offers a great smooth warming flavour.

It's Nice light mellow vape full of flavour, on vaping for a little more time the flavour seems to develop in the month, and at the back of the throat, more of the natural flavour of the blended Chai Tea seems to come through, with the refreshing undertone of the very mild spearmint which seems to lift and hold the flavours on the tongue.

On drawing the vapor back, This juice produces a nice warming throat hit, which is full of flavour, and after taste, with lingering hit of spearmint, which seems to clean and refresh the palate after every satisfying vape.

On exhale you seem to you get more of the aromatic smooth flavour of the Chia, with a bit more of the peppery kick if exhaled through the nose.

This juice produces a good level of thick lush vapor.

In summary a very satisfying vape, one of those juices that you seem to savour each toot, allowing the flavour of the vapor to play around on your tongue. And producing a satisfying, but, yet not overpowering throat hit. Again another a juice from Digby's that would be a great all-day-vape. The trouble is there aren't enough days in the week.

Strength : 18mg
Flavour : 9 out of 10
Throat Hit : 7 out of 10
Overall : 8 out of 10

Nicotine Strength


PG/VG Ratio


Atomiser/mod setup

Smok Tech Dual Coil, on SVD at 9watts

Flavour notes

Chai Tea, Spearmint

Bought from

Digbys Juices

  • Warming flavour
  • Aromatic Throat Hit
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Posted on March 5, 2014 8:56 pm
Chai Mint 7.9

Digbys Chai mint is a very sophisticated E-liquid a great vape any time of the day especially to relax with.

The flavour is an exquisite spiced tea with spearmint undertones, the flavors are balanced perfectly with a warm spice on the inhale and cooling spearmint on the exhale.

A proper premium vape perfectly executed, if your looking for something different that stands out from the crowd then Digbys Chai mint is for you!

Nicotine Strength


PG/VG Ratio


Atomiser/mod setup

Squid 1.6Ω joyetech eVic 11w

Flavour notes

warm spices, tea and spearmint

Bought from

Steeping method


  • great flavour
  • great aroma
  • perfectly balanced
  • none
Posted on March 3, 2014 9:56 am

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