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ShortHorn is our take on the ever-popular custard. A luxuriously thick, creamy concoction with subtle tones of sticky brown sugar.


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ShortHorn 8.4

This is a lovely liquid. I am not a fan of custards but this may be the one that changes my mind! Creamy but not too sweet with a flavour that let's you know it's there but doesn't overpower your taste buds. I found this good on both high and low wattages, however as the cotton wick gunked up I began to get a slight nutty aftertaste. Not unpleasant but for me it detracted from the velvety creaminess of the flavour at the start. Being only 6mg nic and the VG heavy ratio (you can choose from 50/50, VG heavy, Max VG) I wasn't after a great throat hit as I prefer the flavour and vapour over everything else. I enjoyed all 4 of their liquids that I ordered, this is definitely one of them that I will be reordering in a bigger size. If you like your custards this is certain to please, if you don't- it's still worth a try, you might be pleasantly surprised like I was.

Nicotine Strength


PG/VG Ratio

VG Heavy

Atomiser/mod setup

Magma RDA

Flavour notes

Custard, cream, caramelised sugar

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Steeping method

1 week+ , remove cap- air, shake & repeat daily

  • Great vapour
  • Subtle luxurious flavour
  • Mild throat hit
  • Aftertaste
Posted on August 22, 2014 12:42 am

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