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Picture this if you will……

A 5 year old boy at his Nan’s for tea. He’s finished his Ham Sandwich, he’s had his Cheese and Onion crisps, it’s now time for his sweet treat! The ‘Treat Plate’ is placed in the middle of the table and it has a selection of treats on it but this 5 year old only has eyes for one….

It has a Biscuit Base, Fluffy Marshmallow, a strip of Raspberry Jam, and a dusting of Coconut. This was his treat, this was the treat to end all treats!

Fast forward a couple of decades and here’s me, sat in a chair, vaping this memory!

This E-liquid tastes just like those tasty teatime treats that many of us remember. So come on lets all reminisce together and enjoy this E-liquid with a childish grin!

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Fluffy Nuts 10.0

OMG this is amazing,Sweet,Sweet,Raspberry jam and marshmallow,with biscuit undertone,This was a hit with me as I like the sweet vape,they certainly know what we want at Chefs Vapour.Just received 30ml bottle in post,away for a week steeping,roll on a week.

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Atomiser/mod setup

Naturevape pro mini,mvp2.0

Flavour notes

Sweet raspberry jam.

Bought from

Chefs Vapour

Steeping method

1Week in dark cool cupboard for me.

  • Fantastic
  • Sweet
  • As it says on the tin
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Posted on November 7, 2014 7:15 pm

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