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This is the last of the juices in the FunkSauce line, and indeed my masterpiece if I may say so! ‘Cordials’ were medicinal drinks that were meant to taste pleasant and wake up the senses; it was thought that they invigorated the body. Cordial also means friendly and polite. This is a cherry juice that DOESN’T taste like cough medicine, like at all, in any way, I promise, seriously. Seriously, try it. Black Cherry is perfectly paired with Funky’s signature creaminess for such a well-rounded and pleasant vape, I will actually be personally offended if you don’t try it! Not really, but I think you’ll be amazed, I know I was. It’s very Cordial!

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Cordial Very 8.8

This is delicious! Thick, creamy, light sweet cherry flavor. A very excellent goto / all day vape.

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Posted on November 2, 2015 6:27 pm

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