Green Bastard

Green Bastard

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“Nobody wants to get sued, unless it’s by the greasiest bastards that have ever lived – then you’d get to meet the Trailer Park Boys. The name occurred to me while I was in a mouth-watering haze of Honeydew and Pineapple. It’s not green, it’s actually one of the clearest juices I’ve ever come across, but it tastes exactly like green Powerade. Oh god, now they’re going to sue me too.

Seriously though, Green Bastard has a couple other secret and key ingredients that make it pop! It’s like nothing you’ve tried before, the combination is one of those things that’s just crazy enough to work, and it works very well. In the interest of partially full disclosure, one of the key ingredients is a water-soluble citrus flavouring. As we all know, citrus tends to crack tanks so vape Green Bastard knowing the risk to your plastic tanks. However, I’ve had mine in an eVod, iClear16 and a Kayfun Lite without any issues at all. I test all of my juices like this. Still, try to avoid plastic. It’s fantastic in a dripper!”

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