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Plump, Pillowwy plumes – perhaps perfectly prepared to tingulate the tasty tounge tip! THAT is what it does to your mouth. The smoothest, creamiest vape around. I designed this one for those of you that want huge clouds, and a slightly sweet and soft vape. Rich vanilla is blended with a variety of sweet creams and the slightest touch of warm spice. I believe Pillow Talk performs its best in a low ohm, Genesis style atomizer with lots of air flow.

Those who have tried it and left me great feedback (everyone does!) says it works great on silica, and even clearomizers. Don’t make an order without trying Pillow Talk, seriously. Don’t.

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Pillow Talk 8.0

Bought this as part of the sample pack and really, really like it. Description is pretty much bang on the money. There's loads going on with the creams and touch of spice but they all come together to create quite a simple flavour. I say simple, but it dances in your mouth and sings on the exhale - it's not 'just' an anything.

Smooth as butter and LOADS of vapour from this, the only thing missing is throathit. It's so smooth the TH is more of a caress, which is great, but even at 18mg it's missing the kick that I enjoy.

Nicotine Strength


PG/VG Ratio

No idea, plumes of vapour so must be high VG

Atomiser/mod setup

The Copper DNA20 and Taifun GT

Flavour notes

cream, tiny touch of spice

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week in the post from Canada

  • Deliciously creamy
  • plumes of vapour
  • lacking in throat hit
Posted on February 20, 2014 1:40 am

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