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Blackberries and smooth pipe tobacco, vanilla and more. El Blacco will strum his smooth flavor for you.

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Flavour ( 8.5 )
Throat hit ( 9 )
Vapour Production ( 9.5 )
After Taste ( 8 )

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El Blacco 9.0

This is one sweet juice. I almost feel like I am sucking on a syrup base for a softdrink. This is a punch too it at its base like a root beer or something similar. Personally I like it but I have felt this one in my lungs sometimes. My wife also. Its probably too sweet to be an ADV anyway. I would have it in moderation.. because of the taste and the lung issue

Nicotine Strength


PG/VG Ratio


Atomiser/mod setup

caterpillar .4ohm cottom

Flavour notes

Blueberry, tobacco and a weird base flavor to it

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  • Complex
  • Sweet
  • Good Clouds
  • Sometimes too sweet
  • bit too heavy on my lungs
Posted on March 22, 2015 12:31 am
El Blacco 8.5

I will preface this by saying I'm not a tobacco vaper. I do not enjoy most tobacco-flavored juices, and generally avoid them. However, I'd heard good things about this juice and it tempted me, so I grabbed a bottle... And I'm happy I did.

This is not a strong tobacco-flavored juice. It's there, but it's in the background. The primary flavors I taste are blackberry, vanilla, and perhaps some graham cracker-like flavoring. This juice is both mild but also flavorful; it's got a unique and enjoyable flavor without being too strong or potentially tiresome. It's mildly sweet and pleasant smelling, and the tobacco flavoring you do get is very much like a quality pipe tobacoo with a complex flavor profile and a delicious aroma, not an earthy plant-like dirty tobacco flavor at all.

The clouds are very thick and creamy, and the vapor is smooth with a mild throat hit. I would enjoy this anytime as a break from my more usual liquids.

Nicotine Strength


Atomiser/mod setup

Cloupor Mini 30W/Kanger Subtank

Flavour notes

Pipe tobacco, blackberry, vanilla, graham cracker

Bought from


Steeping method

2 weeks (closed bottle)

  • Multi-layered flavor profile
  • Smooth & rich
  • May not be strong enough tobacco for some
Posted on January 16, 2015 1:42 am

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