Gorilla Grog

Gorilla Grog

By Triphammer, made in

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This is another episode from Trip’s World Tour of Flavour!

Sweat is running down Trip’s face, his breath comes out ragged as his heart pounds in his throat.

Trip is running as fast as he possibly can, swinging a machete viciously to clear the undergrowth or else become entangled in it. It was meant to be a simple trip to the Congo, Now 300 angry Pygmies, armed with spears fashioned from sharpened guava and watermelon, were chasing him through the jungle.

All of a sudden the wind was knocked out of him as something collided with him hard. Trip passed out.

When Trip came to he could feel hot air on his face. He opened his eyes and nearly passed out again, a gorilla loomed over him but it did not seem vicious. The ape passed him a banana and seemed to smile. This comforted Trip and he sat up.

Weeks passed and Trip became friends with the Gorilla. He named it Mike. They would do everything together and eventually Trip was able to communicate with Mike. He explained that he had come to the Congo to find some rare coffee beans and tobacco leaves but found himself chased off by the rabid locals.

One day Trip awoke alone. This was strange as he and Mike usually woke up together. He looked around and saw a small bundle of leaves, he realised that they were the tobacco leaves he was seeking. Wrapped inside the leaves was a small pile of coffee beans. Trip smiled he also noticed that a path through the jungle had been cleared. Intrigued he collected his new treasures and followed the path.

At the end of the trail was a clearing in which sat the slightly battered biplane that Trip had arrived in. Immediately Trip thought of escape but his mind turned to Mike, how could he leave his new friend? As if in answer to his thoughts Mike appeared through the clearing and nudged Trip into the pilot’s seat of the plane. The two of them shared a meaningful look but in their hearts they knew that the jungle was no place for a man so although it pained him Trip left but vowed to combine the tobacco leaf and coffee bean into a juice and name it after his new friend, and Gorilla Grog was born.


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