Green Peach Tea

Green Peach Tea

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A delicious green tea infused with sweet peaches. This is excellent when mentholated and is the juice that started it all. It’s a favorite of many and an all-day vape of our mad scientists.


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Green Peach Tea 9.0

I bought this juice because ROAR was highly recommended by a friend of mine and it sounded interesting.

This is a great juice in all but one respect which I will get into in a moment. On the inhale, you get a really great green tea taste, probably the closest to life version of green tea I've tried to date. If you mouth-to-lung the juice, you will get very little peach. The green tea overrides the peach as the main flavor and tastes really good.

If you lung hit and let your nose/sinuses do some of the work on the way out during the exhale, you get a really smooth peach note that mixes incredibly (who'da thunk it) well with the tea.

One thing to note - you should order two bottles of this juice. One standard and one with a little bit of mentholate in it. This juice is absolutely something with menthol / cool hit in it. Beware - if you go over 4% menthol the mint flavor really edges in on the finer points of the juice, almost rendering it tasteless to a certain extent, because your throat and lungs are screaming for you to get the menthol out, leading to a less-than-ideal exhale in which you can't taste a lot of the great flavor this juice has to offer.

The ONLY issue with this juice is that the aroma it leaves in your immediate area smells **IDENTICAL** to the smell of a ferret. I mean this in all sincerity.

My neighbor has a 7 year old whose mother owns ferrets. After making this discovery, we tested the theory on the 7 year old who walked into the room and immediately exclaimed "It smells like Foxy in here!" (Foxy being the name of the ferret.)

This does not detract from the juice, because while you are vaping it, the smell won't hit you that way. It's only after you've switched to something else or walked back into the room after a short absence. I gave this juice 9 and 11 across the board except for after taste, because to some people, the leftover aroma will be VERY offputting.

Nicotine Strength


PG/VG Ratio


Atomiser/mod setup

Mini Protank / IGO-W

Flavour notes

STRONG Green Tea, Peach exhale.

Bought from

ROAR Vapor Online

Steeping method

2 Weeks

  • Amazing green tea taste.
  • Smooth hints of peach.
  • Leftover aroma smells like a ferret, yes, really.
Posted on December 4, 2013 9:05 pm

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