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This is Simple 4. So far the crowd favourite of the simple line. It’s an orange flavour. A nice, sweet citrus.

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Simple #4 5.5

As much I was looking forward to trying this, it left me disappointed. I'm a big fan of Grizzly Vapes, I actually get anxious when I see my bottle of Sunrise almost emptied. It took me a while before I finally got my hands on two bottles out of the Simple range as the UK stockist just got them in.

Apart from being a Grizzly fan, I'm also big on citrus-y vapes, so it was a no brainer to try Simple #4 first. I tried it out on a bunch of different setups, but the flavor is just not there. I was prepared on a more simple flavor, but not on a near tasteless juice. I am sure this is something personal, maybe my taste-buds just don't pick up that simple flavor, but that does not take away my disappointment.

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PG/VG Ratio

Max VG

Atomiser/mod setup

A wide range of RDA\'s, mechs and VW mods

Flavour notes

Orange / citrus

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Spiritus Vapes

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  • Lack of flavor
Posted on September 7, 2014 12:36 pm

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