Bound By The Crown

Bound By The Crown

By Kings Crown, made in

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We all have a vice; something that keeps calling us back for more. Bound By The Crown is a twist on traditional fruit flavors. This liquid will bind you with its perfect balance of sweet custard, spice, and ripened stone fruits.

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Bound By The Crown 10.8

This is incredible juice. My juice supplier was kind enough to throw in a sample of this, and wasn't expecting much.
However this is a wonderful peach flavored custard. I'm not much of a fruit fan, but in this, the peach accents are very delicate with a very lush creamy base. Sweet but not at all overpowering.

Great in a Kayfun -- Outstanding in a dripper.

Nicotine Strength


PG/VG Ratio

30% PG/70% VG

Atomiser/mod setup

Kayfun/Zenith RDA + mechs

Flavour notes

Cream, Custard, Peach

Bought from

Liberty Smoke - France

Steeping method

none required (although the site recommends 3 weeks)

  • flavour is amazing
  • vapor is amazing
  • is not sickly sweet
Minors No minors
Posted on August 25, 2014 3:33 pm

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