XO Espresso Mocha

XO Espresso Mocha

By Liberty Flights, made in

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Love coffee and chocolate?

This liquid has a strong, dark coffee taste with a hint of chocolate. This is a nice after dinner vape.


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XO Espresso Mocha 3.8

First of all, I am Norwegian, so my juice was bought from a Norwegian re-seller. my experience might be coloured by how the juice has been handled during shipping to Norway and how long it has been moving to the Norwegian shop and how long it sat there.

This was a juice I was really looking forward to. I -love- coffee and I enjoy dark chocolate, 70% and up to 90%
So this juice seemed like it would be perfect! Just from smelling the juice in the bottle, I got strong images of freshly made Espresso with a sprinkling of shredded dark chocolate.

Alas, it was not. Not for me at least.

I started with my go-to setup, Aspire Triton on my eleaf 100w with a 0.3 coil.

This juice is far too bitter with little mocha flavour. It does have coffee flavour, plenty of it, but it is almost sour. To be brutally honest, this bears an uncomfortable semblance to cheap chinese e juices... Now, let me add that it was not all-together unpleasant, but it was certainly not what I had expected from Liberty Flight's XO line.

I understand that a lot of people might disagree, strongly. But this is my honest opinion.

Moving onto my kangertech Subvod with a 1.2 coil, the bitterness was reduced somewhat, but it still held onto the sour notes, almost like day old coffee. With this setup, it still produced an acceptable amount of vapour,

The bottle (it did not come in its box from the re-seller) lacks any details as to the PG/VG ration, all it says is that it is produced in the UK with pharmaceutical graded VG, PG and water.

This juice, alone is not palatable for me. But I can see this lending itself well to being mixed with other flavours. Maybe something smooth and creamy. A thick, rich vanilla flavour or maybe something akin to a chocolate milkshake flavour?

I did mix it with a bit of 95.8% VG and it did mellow out the flavour a but, stretching it out to soften the intense biterness and sourness, although it was not a perfect fix.
On both setups, I tried to blend it with a heavy VG (close to 90%vg) juice with butterscotch flavour and it worked a little better, but the Espresso Mocha flavour was still overwhelming.

I won't say its bad, but it did not meet my expectations and it did not match up well to my setups. It might be this juice needs a lower temperature to sine or it might just be that it did not suit my tastes.
It has potential, there is definitely something there, but it is very faint.
Lastly; The vapour has a completely different scent from its flavour. If it were to taste the way it smells both in the bottle and after exhaling, then it would be perfect in my opinion.

Again, I would like to note that my experience might be affected by the process in which the juices come to Norway. excessive shaking during transit and long periods of sitting still both during and after shipping could easily alter the flavour experience.

I hope this was an informative review, thank you for reading.

Nicotine Strength


Atomiser/mod setup

Aspire triton 0.3 ohm/Eleaf 100w

Flavour notes

strong, sharp, sour, bitter

Bought from

Steeping method

3 days steeping in a dark, cool place.

  • Strong Flavour
  • good sized vapour production
  • inviting scent
  • Very bitter and sour
  • leaves a strong aftertaste
  • sharp, uninviting flavours
Posted on September 2, 2016 7:23 pm

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