XO Tobacco Vanilla

XO Tobacco Vanilla

By Liberty Flights, made in

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Dry, slightly nutty with vanilla notes. Light chocolate flavour on the exhale.


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XO Tobacco Vanilla 3.3

First of all, I am Norwegian, so my juice was bought from a Norwegian re-seller. my experience might be coloured by how the juice has been handled during shipping to Norway and how long it has been moving to the Norwegian shop and how long it sat there.

I was very excited to try this flavour and two others from the XO range; Maple waffles and Espresso Mocha.

I won't talk about the others here, but let's say I was not overly enthused by any of these juices.

The Tobacco Vanilla has a nice, albeit very faint scent to it. I can vaguely pick up a hint of mild vanilla and there is something else there that bears a semblance to tobacco, although it is very 'distant'.

The colour of the juice is inviting. not too dark, but not too light. Golden and sweet.
I got the 10ml bottle with 0mg nicotine as it is illegal for Norwegian shops to sell e juice with nicotine.
The label looks nice, very classy, although it is missing some information on the PG/VG content. all it says is VG. no percentages. It seems awful thin for a pure VG juice, so I think it might be closer to 30/70Vg at the very least, though possibly closer to 50/50 but I cannot be sure.
On the back it does state that it is made with pharmacy grade VG, PG and water, though again, no percentages.
It does, however say that it is made in the UK.

I used 3 different setups (with 4 different coils) with this, starting with my aspire Triton with a .3 ohm coil on my eleaf 100w. Vapour is not bad, but it lacks volume. it is rather wispy, reminiscent of actual tobacco smoke in the way it moves.

it does not lend itself to sub ohm-ing as the heat quells any and all flavour and all you are left with is a bitter, dry aftertaste, little to no flavour on inhale, only a minuscule tobacco flavour on exhale with just a hint of something sweet, but it does not hold any vanilla flavour. There is also the aforementioned dry, bitter aftertaste. Having no nicotine, it lacks an actual throat hit, but the dry sensation does mimic this, although only slightly.

Then I moved on to a Kanger Subvod with both .5 and 1.2 ohm.

the .5 is still way too hot and it kills the flavour instantly. The 1.2 seems a little more correct, but still lacks any substantial flavours. nothing pops out, no one flavour comes across clearly. I have yet to notice the nuttiness Liberty Flights speak of when describing their juice. Although, the dryness and the bitterness might be a combination of tobacco and dark chocolate. This aftertaste is not as harsh with the 1.2 ohm coil, but it is still there. Vanilla flavour is still sorely missing, but the undefined sweetness did surface a little more.

Lastly, I tried a Kanger Evod v2 set with a 1.5ohm coil.
This was also too hot. the first 2-3 hits seemed to be moving in the right direction, but then it got too hot and all flavour faded away again.
It was very similar to the subvod 1.2 experience, but with a hint of actual tobacco this time!

I won't ramble on much longer. The juice seems to be aimed at very low temperatures on a coil of 2ohm and up. I can see that someone just getting into vaping, transitioning from cigarettes will find this juice a good choice as the intense, almost overwhelming flavours of some juices might be a bit too much to start with,
It might also suit a newcomer to vaping better as even with a sub ohm coil, the vapour this juice produces is thin and wispy. It lacks substance. I prefer a big, thick, 'solid' cloud of vape, but I know many smokers find that sensation strange and uncomfortable.
Now, I will not call this juice bad, but I will say it did not meet my expectations and I think LF should be a little more clear on the fact that this is a very subtle flavour.
This could be a good thing for some and a bad thing for others. for me, it's bad, I like to sub ohm and I enjoy big, billowing clouds with lots of flavour.
Others again might prefer a cooler vape with less intense flavours that is more akin to smoking a cigarette.

Again, I would like to note that my experience might be affected by the process in which the juices come to Norway. excessive shaking during transit and long periods of sitting still both during and after shipping could easily alter the flavour experience.

I hope this was an informative review, thank you for reading.

Nicotine Strength


PG/VG Ratio


Atomiser/mod setup

Aspire triton 0.3 ohm/Eleaf 100w

Flavour notes

dry, flat, slightly bitter.

Bought from

Steeping method

3 days steeping in a dark, cool place.

  • Good for low temperature setups
  • Good for transitioning from cigarettes to vaping
  • subtle
  • Not suited for high temperature setups
  • does not yield a lot of vapour
  • Neither flavour in the name is prominent
Posted on September 2, 2016 6:57 pm

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