Marshal’s Traite

Marshal’s Traite

By Colonel Boom, made in

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Attention all fruit lovers! We bring to you a black grape and citrus fruit sorbet flavour which is sure to cleanse your palate and offer a light and refreshing yet flavoursome vape for anyone who enjoys fruit flavours with a twist.

The name hails from Marshal Ferdinand Foch of France who, in 1918 ushered in the First World War armistice (treaty or traite in French) with German forces to end the war. Marshal Foch went on to have a popular grape variety named after him which is where we drew our inspiration on the unusual name.

Black grapes are the basis of this sorbet based flavour, alone the flavour is quite mild and so we balanced a blend of gooseberry for added zing, cranberry for sharpness and a hint of freshly squeezed orange for an unmistakably citrus aftertaste. Throughout this flavour a powdery and sweet marshmallow with vanilla holds it all together to provide a superbly light and sweet fruit and dessert experience.

This juice is created with our standard 60vg/40pg blend using high quality USP, EP and BP grade ingredients along with carefully selected food flavourings.

Coming initially at 6mg, 12mg and 18mg in 10ml, 30ml and 50ml quantities.

Ingredients: May Contain Nicotine. 60%Vegetable Glycerine B.P. 40% Propylene Glycol B.P.

Colonel Boom

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