Full Virginia Flake RY4 (Limited Edition)

Full Virginia Flake RY4 (Limited Edition)

By Mountain Oak Vapors, made in

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Full Virginia Flake RY4™ is one of the best selling tobacco flavors offered at Mountain Oak Vapors. Starting with sweet caramel & smooth vanilla this e-liquid finished with a full fledged naturally extracted tobacco flavor from the very finest in American tobacco ingredients. Let this E-Liquid’s subtle and authentic flavors satisfy your urge!


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Full Virginia Flake RY4 (Limited Edition) 8.0

Mountain Oak is a tremendous USA juice maker. They do things right. The packaging is stylish. The bottles are dark 15 mL glass, and accompanied by quality nice, long glass-dripper caps. A very nice touch. Bottling dates are clearly marked on each bottle. Everything was packed nice, and snug for it's trip through the mail, and the nose upon receiving it was smooth and rounded.

Come Hell, or high water, I let all my new juices sit for at least 24 hours before I touch them. I like to take note of whether they might benefit from a longer steep. Most usually do. However, since it did smell so good after only 4 days of life, I couldn't wait any longer. Since the initial 24 hours, I've let it sit the rest of the week, and can't say much has changed after the first day. Perhaps it is pre-steeped, or just doesn't need it?

In the carto the liquid is translucent and a tad on the thinner side. It is not transparent, however. It maintains nice body. When rotated the liquid moves evenly and leaves no trails. When put to the Light Test it is completely clear of fine particulates, and perfect layering effect is visible when rotating the tank. That represents a high level of purity, and a juice that is produced in a proper facility under proper guidelines. The liquid is a total, and proper solution. A refreshing and reassuring sight for any Vaper. Nothing worse than vaping a poorly-blended suspension of burning nonsense all over your coils.

MOV uses Naturally Extracted Tobacco (NET) flavorings in their "Tennessee Tobacco" line of e-liquids. The process is their own, and I'm not sure how or if it relates to WTA's, but the final product is quality nevertheless. This vape is a Limited Edition run at MOV, yet remains as one of their top selling vapes.

"Full Virginia Flake RY4" is EXACTLY that: An RY4. That means it's a sweet(er) Tobacco vape. The designation RY1-4 is the topic of much debate, and rightfully so. It is in the palate of the beholder where/how the vape ranks on the "RY Scale" which can leave folks in a bad spot trying to find a Tobacco vape that works for them. However, MOV did a really great job with this blend. It's not sugary-sickly sweet, but it is definitely on the "dessert" side of vapes.

The flavor profile is as listed. Smooth overtones of a rich Virginia Flake tobacco. I pick up a blend of Golden and Red Virginias from my pipe-smoking days. The Caramel is smooth and subtle, while the Vanilla undertone plays off it nicely. Seems to complement the Caramel undertone, rather than mask the other flavors as Vanilla can tend to do. You get the Caramel and Vanilla on the inhale while the Virginias come through on the exhale. FVF-RY4 produces loads of supple vapor, full of flavor and moisture.

The mark of a monumental vapor in my estimation is: "What do we get from it when Retrohaling" (exhaling through your nose)? THAT is how we can discern the true flavor profile of any E-Liquid, or even smoke for that matter. The Retrohale on MOV's FVF-RY4 is so exquisite I rarely exhale it through my mouth. Everything plays together so nicely.

One noteworthy point is that (as any veteran vaper knows) thinner E-Liquids can tend to burn at higher power settings. The same is true of FVF-RY4. Somewhere around 3.8V/9W on this 1.7 ohm BDC head, and that is with the ample airflow from the iClear 30B moving over the coils. Also, attempted a test on a Kanger ProTank3 which summarily flooded. This is more a Kanger QC issue than a problem with the liquid, but something worth consideration. However, that can not take away from a tremendous vape when set at the proper level. (I found it around 7.5W on the iTaste VV 3.0 topped with the 30B tank. An unregulated mech mod (like the Magneto) may produce a Wattage which is too high. I would stick with a 2+ ohm tank if I were hitting the road with this liquid and just a Mech in hand.

At the risk of a cliche, this could serve as an All-Day-Vape for any Tobacco-vape lover. Not to strong, nor too weak. Not too sweet, but definitely on the sweet-side. A tremendous weave of flavors. Definitely worth a try, and a monument in the Pantheon Of Premium Artisanal E-Liquids.

Nicotine Strength


PG/VG Ratio

Proprietary (PG easily over 50%) thinner-style liquid.

Atomiser/mod setup

Magneto/iTaste VV -> iClear30B

Flavour notes

Tobacco, Caramel, Vanilla

Bought from

MOV website

Steeping method

24 hour steep

  • Sweet, but not sickly so.
  • Great complexity of flavor.
  • Each flavor note is discernable, and stands on it's own.
  • A bit thin of a juice, flooded my PT3
Posted on February 2, 2014 8:20 pm

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