Dabble Dooyah

Dabble Dooyah

By Mr Good Vape, made in

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Made for the modern day sweet tooth! A Vape to not only satisfy, but rule your Vaping kingdom. This combination is warm dutch apple pie melted into two types of exotic slow churned vanillas with a dabble doo of cinnamon drizzled in in caramel. A mouth watering delectable treat by the Godfather of Vaping, Mr. Good Vape. Made with MGV Science and over 6 months in the making we are sure this will be a staple amongst the Vaping community for many years to come!


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Flavour ( 10 )
Throat hit ( 8 )
Vapour Production ( 9 )
After Taste ( 10 )

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Dabble Dooyah 9.3

As with every Mr Good Vape juice I've vaped, this one doesn't fail to disappoint. It really does taste like vaping on a warm Apple pie with Vanilla ice cream on top. There is a nice hint of cinnamon as well to complete the package. This is becoming my ADV especially that the autumn is upon us. Very nice vapor production, with a light but satisfying throat hit. I highly recommend this juice, as well as the other Mr Good Vape flavors.

Nicotine Strength


Atomiser/mod setup

Kanger ProTank 2 / Sigelei 19

Flavour notes

Apple pie, vanilla, cinnamon

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Steeping method

None needed

  • Warm Baked Apple Pie!
  • Perfect ADV for the Autumn
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Posted on October 12, 2013 11:11 pm

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