Mystic Cola

Mystic Cola

By Royal Vapor, made in

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It’s time to try it in the form of vapor


All our Juices are made from the purest Pharma grade Glycerol, and Propylene Glykol.

They do NOT contain Diethylene Glycol (DEG) or other solvents that are commonly used in many products; therefore our juice is thicker than the average.

Atomizers that are recommended for our Juice: CE4/5, stardust V3, and Nova types with SHORT WICK, Genesis atomizers with 200-325 SS mesh.


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Mystic Cola 10.8

I've never had a cola juice before so didn't know what to expect after givin' in a bit sniff (as if a sniff will let you know how it tastes) I was a little apprehensive but since it was open I popped it on the atty. Surprisingly it was quite complex and took quite a few chugs till I could put my finger on the flavour its undoubtedly cola but not really the fizzy pop kind and also not really sweet enough to be a cola cube flavour so after using all the sample and giving myself vapors head (a bit like liquid gold) I decided I must like it and then it came to me it was cola Mr Freeze (many other ice poles are available). Vapour on this one was no less than awesome I judge this on the ladyships reaction and I was getting the look and a window was opened.

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Igo-L on Evic

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Couldn\'t wait (as always)

  • Loads of vaper
  • Great morish flavour
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Posted on December 2, 2013 9:01 pm

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