Natural Perique Tobacco

Natural Perique Tobacco

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Considered the “caviar” of Tobaccos. This is Naturally Extracted 100% Perique Tobacco from St. James Parish, Louisiana. We’ve managed to capture the true essence and flavor of this tobacco for your vaping enjoyment. No other additives, just straight up Perique Flavor, brewed the Goodejuice way! This flavor is only available in a 50/50 PG/VG mix due to the extraction process.


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Natural Perique Tobacco Natural Perique Tobacco Natural Perique Tobacco

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Natural Perique Tobacco 8.5

This liquid comes from Goodejuice's line of "house brewed" NET juice. I was proud to call this along with Patriot my ADV for a long time. What makes this juice special , is that while a lot of vendors claim to have a "perique flavored" e juice , that is exactly what it is "flavoring' , but these guys actually source the real deal from Louisianna. it is a very rare tobacco that now can only be found in St.James Parrish. This is not a subtle e liquid , this is a punch you in the mouth tobacco , very unique sharp flavor and I love it. Goodejuice has done a great job with this one! I have only ever come across one other that can stand with it but even then , that other stuff is a couple steps behind . If you love tobacco , I mean really love it (pipes , cubans , snuff) this you should try , it is authentic as it gets. If you are a little more on the tame side of things (marlboro lights) you might want to stay with Patriot.
All that said, there is a trade off. IMHO Goodejuice has the finest filter process for NET's , it is a 4 step upgraded from 3 , they have recently added charcoal filtering to the process which further helps to remove sediments that when heated by your atomizer causes it to clog up. So with that great system their NET's are not nearly as rough on clearos and atties as some other vendors , but the fact is tobacco has sugars and when those sugars get heated they melt , then burn , then clog. There is no avoiding it and that is my only reason for giving up on them , because they truly are some fantastic joooses.

Nicotine Strength


PG/VG Ratio


Atomiser/mod setup

vamo v2 in variable wattage mode with / A7 control your temp with these to get the most out of it

Flavour notes

pure perique

Bought from

Steeping method

vaped fresh

  • great strong t'bac flavor
  • authentic
  • great vendor
  • clogs atty's and cartos
  • sometimes not in stock and when it goes out , it's gone for a while
Posted on September 7, 2013 7:45 pm

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