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Subliminal 9.3

This is by far one of my favorite Juices of all time!!! I Have been vaping for almost two years and have tried a TON of e-Juice. This juice does go with my profile, Fruity/Sweet/Sour. If you liked those sour-belt candies as a kid and want a rush of nostalgia then this is your juice. This juice is a juice that should be and is designed I believe to be dripped. I have had it in my Orchid RTA's and recently my Aspire Atlantis and it does work wonderfully in there. Crazy Clouds from this Juice! I DIY almost all of my juice now, I have come up with a lot of great tasting flavors myself and tried to mimic a few to make it easier on the wallet. However, this is one juice I haven't tried to DIY, and I continue to buy again and again, it is an expensive e-juice I will say that. If I could give any advice to Subliminal after praising them for how amazing this flavor is, it would be to come down on your prices a bit, it seems to be a few bucks more than a lot of the other comparable manufacturers out there.

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PlumeVeil/Orchid/Atlantis/Sigelei 100watt

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Good Out of plastic wrap

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  • Clouds
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  • Price
  • No Child Safety On Dripper
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Posted on December 15, 2014 1:24 am

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