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My favorite part of apple pie is where the top crust meets the filling. This “underbelly” of creamy, apple goodness was our focus when developing JD. Balance is key to our flavors and a simple flavor like this is no exception. Nuanced and light, a baker’s delight.

Crisp apples, buttery pastry crust, caramel-graham crumble, and brown sugar glaze. A patriotic homage to homemade apple pie. It

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Jim Dandy 10.3

Oh boy oh boy it's good. I've been looking for a good apple flavor for a while and I just stumbled upon the Jim Dandy the other day. I can honestly taste everything thats described. I love juice that's layered. Where at first you taste something clear as day then suddenly something else comes in, then another on the ex-hale. Just fantastic. Well done Ragtime! Probably be vaping this till I die......and the 23 Skidoo!

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Aspire Nautilus/CF VV+

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Vapin U.S.A.

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Just let her sit and shake daily.

  • Literally apple pie for in your mouth.
  • Perfecltly balanced, not to strong not to weak.
  • Ugh.....the after taste.....
  • Shit......none!
Posted on February 7, 2015 5:18 pm

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