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This is the forth of our revamped Tobacco range… It is a fine, rich Treacle Tobacco E-Liquid.

Tobacco and treacle flavours are creatively blended and matured, ensuring the tobacco does not overpower the rich dark treacle flavouring, but remain predominant enough to reassure you that you are vaping a crafted tobacco flavoured juice.

The combination of Treacle and Tobacco flavours surprisingly go very well together, they produce a sweet, rich, dark and very nice tobacco flavoured vape, reminiscent of a good old Pipe Tobacco.

The vape, throat and flavour hit from this 50PG/50VG liquid is perfectly balanced and will leave a nice flavour in the mouth and a good amount of vapor.

Only available in 18mg or 24mg strength at present

Granted, this is an original and unusual mix, but we are sure that if you like tobaccos, Treacle Tobacco could become one of your favourites.


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