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A aromatic anise based flavour, sweet and smooth. Rich with black cherry that adds a subtle darkness to the aftertaste.

Jamie Van Dyke

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Flavour ( 10 )
Throat hit ( 9 )
Vapour Production ( 10 )
After Taste ( 9.5 )

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Black Ninja 9.8

Saw good reviews on the web about this company. Looked at the site and saw butterscotch and mint, peach and pomegranate, aniseed and black cherry and thought no way those flavours will work together.
Re read the reviews and decided to go for it, with the sample pack, four juices in 10ml bottles.
So glad i did, the flavours work and then some. Some really skilful mixing has produced four juices that are WOW.
Will stick with Black Ninja as I bought a 50ml bottle shortly after trying it out.(It was a hard decision to choose just one, but the boss put her foot down and I will have to wait till next payday to add to the collection.
Really well packaged, bottles sealed in plastic.
The aroma is fantastic as you open the bottle.
Aniseed is a strong flavour which i expected to dominate, it doesn't, the cheery is there in lashings as well.
It is for me a smooth, yet scrumptious ADV. other aniseeds have worn me out after a tank.
The 50ml comes in 50ml bottle with a dropper, this is a bit large for NV pro so have a small bottle handy but works for the Smok.
Delivery was fantastic ordered at 3pm, arrived next morning.

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Atomiser/mod setup

Smok VCTor NV midi pro

Flavour notes

Aniseed and cherry.

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Steeping method

Ready steeped.

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Posted on June 12, 2015 9:39 am
Black Ninja 9.5

I had high hopes for this juice after trying ivory pippin and buttered nips, I was certainly not disappointed. The aroma alone makes your mouth water. The first taste is a full on punch of aniseed, not harse but there really is no question about the main flavour of this juice. After a second waves of smooth black cherry tantalise your tongue, then your left with a great aftertaste of both flavours and a big grin on your face. Van dyke vapes have done it again, a full on, well rounded ejuice that you just want to vape over and over again. This is the penultimate aniseed juice, in my opinion.

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Max vg

Atomiser/mod setup

4nine/ origen dripper

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  • Amazing flavour
  • Vapour production
  • Presentation
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Posted on October 17, 2014 2:34 pm

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