Custard Creams

Custard Creams

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A sweet cookie biscuit infused with creamy custard, just like the biscuits.

Perfect with a cuppa.


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Custard Creams

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Custard Creams 9.8

This is my number one flavour after a year or so of vaping. I keep trying to find something else to vape all day but can't. Everything else tends to be ok for a few toots but this one endures. The minute you smell it from the bottle you get rich biscuit, very rich. You can almost get that salty aroma - all good crumbly biscuits will have a pinch of salt in there to bring out the sweet. Obviously you also smell a deep custard in there to accompany it. And then the vape experience mirrors the smell exactly, another rare thing to find in a vape as usually smell and taste differ slightly. It's smooth all the way and tastes just like a custard cream biscuit.

Note for US customers: a custard cream biscuit is like a plain buttery cookie with a custardy but very thick, fondant filling.

I recommend this with a BCC rather than a dripper, just my preference but you want the low notes from this and I find an Evod does this brilliantly. A dripper will bring out high notes in it, making it taste a bit sour.

EDIT: writing this review again because I forgot to put in the ratings the first time.

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Atomiser/mod setup

Vamo + Evod with home made cotton wick

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one week, lid off.

  • ridiculously close to real biscuit
  • great price as always
  • none
Posted on May 4, 2016 4:56 am

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