Deadly Sin

A sweet, bakery tobacco vape. A description will never do this one justice. It's my all day vape....

Goodlife Vapor

El Kamino

A tobacco that has background notes of graham, cocoa, hint of sweet. Reminds me of a Mild, sort...

Goodlife Vapor

White Zenberry

A very calming herbal vape. This is unique. Fresh zen-like sensation mixed with berry and calming...

Goodlife Vapor

Black Fairy

The second of the "Fairies" comes to life with Absinthe and Blackberry with of course, an added...

Goodlife Vapor

Beach Bonfire

This is a sweet strawberry/coconut mix with a subtle hint of cinnamon infused rum! It reminds me of...

Goodlife Vapor

Zombie Blood

Mixed from the blood of the innocent. This bloody juice is the nectar of the undead. One of a kind...

Goodlife Vapor

Sour Burma

Tangy, Sour, Sweet, Refreshing Lemonade in vape form. It's so good, it will make your mouth water....

Goodlife Vapor

Shivering Zebra

Fruit Stripe Gum mixed with something to give it the perfect flavor. Oh, and don't forget the fact...

Goodlife Vapor

Baja Breeze

A tropical lime flavored soda from your favorite late night taco stop after a night out on the...

Goodlife Vapor

Atom Bomb

An explosion of Green Apple, Raspberry and many other hints of fruits. This juice is best with a...

Goodlife Vapor

Melon Boba

The best medley of melons infused with a hint of cream as well as a refreshing hint of mint. A...

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