Sweet as Sugar

A good caramel flavor with a warm tone. The longer you use the liquid, the more the sugary liquid...

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Pina Colada

A delicious fresh e-liquid with coconut and pineapple. The taste is very popular with vapers who...

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Juicy Melon

Do you enjoy the flavour of fresh melons? Then this e-liquid is highly recommended. Kunt u ook...

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Go Bananas

A mix of soft tobacco and banana. Een mix van zachte tabak en banaan. De banaan heeft de...

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Tango Mango

A strong fruity tasting Mango. Made from Indian Mango with a subtle tobacco note in the...

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Loving Passion

Exotic mix of Brazilian tobacco with passion fruit. The perfect mix between these two...

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Cigarette Flow

A classic tobacco flavor with a light sweet flow. The ideal aroma mixes together to create a unique...

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Go Dutch’s Mint

The e-liquid has excellent fresh mint flavor. It is made for connoisseurs of fresh e-liquid...

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Heavy Duty Tobacco

A heavy tobacco flavor with a hint of sweetness. Ideal for heavy tobacco smokers. Discover the...

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Serious Tobacco

The tobacco flavor liquid has a slightly bitter hint of fruit, with a delicate semi-sweet note and...

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Go Dutch

We strive to introduce five new flavors each quarter. The nicotine in this product comes from the...

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