I really wanted to like these juices,all the reviews id read raved about them and i couldn't wait to try some...i ordered Gorilla booze,Poseidons poison and Dionysus aphrodisiac. Well,tried them and they're not for me.the flavours of the poison and aphrodisiac were fine,a bit artificial but not ba8.1
Love this juice...almonds,coconut,marshmallows and much more all mingle together to give you a unique flavour.hard to pin it down any more than that,its not an in your face flavour but subtle and one that changes each time you vape it.8.0
Loads of flavours going on,Grape,Herbs take some of the edge off the sweetness,and a slug of brandy finishes it off.different in a good way.9.5
Caramel,Caramel and more Caramel,washed down with a hint of Coconut.Sweet but not too Sweet.Not an adv,but great in the evening after dinner with a coffee.8.8
This is actually is Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream in liquid form.bursting with raspberry flavour,followed by rich Walls icecream,cant say more than that..really good.9.5
I run a wine/coffee bar..i LOVE coffee and I've always been disappointed with coffee vapes.This one however is spot on!they've nailed it,rich coffee taste,not too sweet,nice and creamy with a lovely aftertaste.9.8
A really different flavour,tobacco with coconut going in,rum,raison and rich dark treacle going out.lovely Smokey and earthy but sweet as well..very nice indeed.9.8
Can only agree with the previous reviews...a great custard flavour.not too sweet,a warm milky flavour to the custard and slightly burnt brown sugar on the exhale..really nice,just like my mums when i was a kid10.0
Wasn't sure when i first got this,very strong Blueberry flavour and not much else.Left it steep for a couple of weeks and gave it another go..completely different juice. The Blueberry had mellowed and rounded out and the tobacco was coming through.a very nice vape,and a natural Blueberry flavour,no9.5
This is an all day vape for me...a lovely malted tobacco flavour that's very way i can describe it is as an Ovaltine/Horlicks flavour,rich and tasty.10.3
This is one of the nicest juices I've vaped,i have to stop myself from actually drinking it as it tastes so does what it says on the tin,sponge pudding and custard.steep it for a week and your taste buds will love you! rich sponge flavour on the inhale,intense vanilla custard and hints of9.5
I'd seen a lot of good things about this juice and was keen to try it...doesn't live up to the hype in my opinion.I was expecting a rich strawberry custard and got nesquick,not a bad flavour but definitely lacking in any custardy goodness.The strawberry is nice but understated and it has a decent cr7.0
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