Crystal Canyon Vapes is still my #1 vendor after all this time (one year now). The eliquids are of the highest quality, made with the finest ingredients, and always consistent and always packaged top-notch(cardboard boxes and bubble wrap). If you are looking for a reliable vendor that makes excell11.0
I have half a dozen of these spinners that I use daily. They are an average device, nothing fancy. They are light weight and easy to use, easy to take with you and have a small learning curve. It seems that some I buy are better quality than others; the rainbow colored ones seem cheap and don'9.0
I was gifted an MVP 2.0 for Christmas by my husband. A week later, I ordered 2 more of them online. I love everything about this mod except the stiff button. A person with arthritis may have difficulty using the button on this mod. This mod has variable wattage and variable voltage, an ohms re8.8
This came in a sample pack. The vg/pg ratio is perfect for me. The flavor is not what I expected and reminds me of a too-sweet wine. This one is not for me. It left a dirty-feet flavor in my mouth and nose.3.1
This came in a sample pack. Its got a coconut flavor but is muted and tastes rather odd to me. The vg and pg ratio is perfect for me. The flavor is not what I expected at all and perhaps requires more time to adjust to. For the cost, I expect a great deal more however.3.8
Tastes exactly like the sweet tarts candy to me or a tropical fruit punch. Smooth and produces a lot of vapor. Excellent quality ingredients and glass dropper bottles. I love that I don't have to worry about what I'm vaping as the company is very conscious of the ingredients it uses and only puts 11.0
The best tropical fruit vape/pina colada vape I've tried to date. Smooth and produces a lot of vapor. Excellent quality ingredients and glass dropper bottles. I love that I don't have to worry about what I'm vaping as the company is very conscious of the ingredients it uses and only puts safe qua11.0
To me, this is a very peculiar tobacco vape. I like it but can't vape it all the time or all day. I get a black licorice flavor along with the tobacco on this one. There is lots of vapor and a definite throat hit.9.5
This is similar to peppermint bark or chocolate mint; however, this has mocha(cappuccino) added to give it a fuller body and flavor experience. The peppermint does not overwhelm the cocoa flavor at all and is perfectly balanced. This has been the first chocolate mint vape that I have found to b11.0
This is a tobacco blend with tangy blueberry. The taste is full and rich with a definite blueberry flavor that isn't too weak. There is a medium throat hit and lots of vapor. The flavor gets better over time, but I didn't wait for it to steep before I began vaping it. High Noon is what I w11.0
After Mystik, this is my new ADV(all day vape). Even if you don't normally enjoy tobacco vapes, this one will become addictive. I was never a fan of tobacco vapes as all the ones I tried previously reminded me of cigarettes that were nasty and harsh. All that changed when I began to order from CC11.0
I must be odd because what I get from this vape is more of a cocoa taste than anything else. It is good but I don't get the vanilla swirl or graham cracker.8.0
I think Summer is my favorite from 4 Seasonz. They really did an outstanding job on this vape I think. It does have plenty of flavoring in it and not watery or weak like so many juices out there. It has plenty of vapor also even tho I think it leans heavier towards the pg side but not sure on tha10.3
I only purchased a 5ml sample of this one but it is sooo good that I will have to get a large bottle soon. It has an earthy, savory, smoky flavor with the best quality tobacco ever. It is very difficult to describe other than it is a pure pleasure to vape. So far, out of all the tobacco flavors f10.8
This is absolutely delicious. I really enjoy the tobacco vapes from CCV. Sidewinder is a wonderful cherry tobacco...I only ordered a 5 ml bottle but I will be ordering a large bottle soon. Cherry is one of those flavors that really challenge the vape world. It isn't easy to create a cherry vape 10.5
This tastes just like the lemon heads candies and it rocks! Got this for my husband who loves it but I've been sneaking some too! Not too sweet and not too sour, this one really satisfies. This is a great change-up from the other flavors. A drop or two of this added to custard/vanilla vapes is t11.0
Got this as a sample for my husband. I had to vape some too of course. This is a very exhilirating, fresh, spearmint flavor with the right amount of menthol. I think its nicely balanced and that the menthol adds to the spearmint but doesn't overpower the flavor too much. I really like this one, 9.8
A very nice peppermint cappuccino with a smooth and robust coffee flavor. This does not have a chemical or perfumey taste and it steeps out well and gets better with age but its great fresh out of the mailbox. This is the favorite of quite a few people I know. While I do like it very much, I stil9.5
This is not your ordinary butterscotch here. This is very much similar to Butterscotch Pot de Crème, a rich, decadent butterscotch dessert that is made with brown sugar, butter, heavy cream, vanilla, chocolate shavings, and a variety of other ingredients. On the inhale, you get a rich, decadent10.8
I use to love Nicoticket and am very disappointed in what happened. Growth was far too much too fast and the juices suffered for it. In the beginning, all the juices were perfect but then as time went on, things began going wrong. The flavor changed, the juices changed, and I never knew what to e4.2
This is a perfect tobacco vape! It isn't real sweet and it has a smooth flavor. On the inhale, I get a salted roasted nuts flavor with a bit of chocolate. On the exhale, I get a wonderful nutty tobacco flavor. It has a yummy aroma that I love too. I always have a tank of this going! I wasn't h9.8
This is a delicious, exotic vape! The rum and coconut are very smooth and natural and compliment the mild tobacco flavor. This one is in my daily rotation. I love being able to get a rum and coconut vape that doesn't have pineapple in it! Just like vaping an exotic rum drink and no bad chemical 10.5
This tastes just like the Italian dessert known as Tiramisu. This has a delicious Belgian cocoa, rich coffee, custard and liquer flavor. This is a decadent vape! This is another one of my favorites from CC Vapes. Easy on clearomizers, it performs well in the Protank or other bcc.10.5
This is my absolute favorite "coffee/tobacco" vape. I get a rich, smooth and slightly buttery belgian cocoa and espresso coffee flavor on the inhale and a smooth tobacco and cocoa flavor on the exhale. This is a decadent flavor!!! I order this by the 60 ml size and order at least two at a time no11.0
My favorite fruit vape. This has a wild berry flavor. There is plenty of flavor in this juice; it isn't weak or watered-down. I have never tasted anything so good in a berry flavored vape as this. The fruit flavors are natural and not candy but they are so rich and satisfying. Sweet and tart,10.8
This is the strongest tobacco I have EVER tasted. I have to mix this with cocoa or chocolate to tame it down. This is a cowboy vape, a man's vape, and NOT for your average person. The ingredients are all top quality. There is a smoky, woody, strong tobacco flavor. No chemical or perfume taste i8.5
First let me say that I prefer BOLD coffee flavors such as espresso. This is a french roast coffee flavor so that is not my preference. On the inhale, I get a french roast coffee and milk- chocolate flavor and on the exhale I taste a belgian cocoa flavor. I like this vape, however, it isn't my fa9.0
This is a strawberry and watermelon flavored vape. I am more of a tobacco/coffee fan than a fruit fan but this one is quite good. The flavors are strong even tho they are natural flavors, especially the watermelon. Dedicate a clearo/coil to this flavor as it is so strong that the flavors do not 9.3
I love Beechwood!!! This is a smooth, lush, somewhat sweet tobacco vape. The honey tastes like a clover honey and comes through on the inhale along with a fresh roasted nuts taste; the exhale is a smooth tobacco. Almost tastes like you are eating honey roasted peanuts. This is a wonderfully aro11.0
The description on the vendor's site: Smooth Rich Cocoa A blend of dark Swiss chocolate, semi sweet and milk chocolates. Geneva offers a rich, slightly sweet, cocoa flavor. This eliquid provides a warm cocoa body with nuances of dark chocolate and mocha on the exhale. This is one of the best 10.0
I have been ordering from CC Vapes for several months now and it has become my #1 source for eliquids. I've been vaping for 16 months and off analogs for 14 of those months and have ordered from many, many vendors. The biggest issue has been finding a vendor who makes eliquids with consistency; ie10.8
Mystik has become my ADV(All Day Vape). I discovered this vape when I ordered a sampler pack while actually searching for a coffee vape. Someone recommended that I try a sample of this, so, very hesitantly, I ordered a sample thinking that I would probably not like it as it is a "tobacco" vape. W11.0
This vape is smooth and flavorfull with a lot of rich vapor in the blend I have which is 70vg and 30pg. It is a butterscotch and butterrum flavored vape. I like this juice by itself or mixed with other vapes. It goes extremely well mixed with her tobacco vapes such as Taboo or Creamy RY3. It als9.3
Mandy's Melons has become one of my favorite vapes. I love this juice in a 70vg and 30pg blend as it tastes fantastic and has tons of vapor. Its nice and sweet with just a slight tang to it but not sickenly sweet or too tangy. I will have to order more as my 30 ml bottle is dwindling. The juice10.0
Out of all of Nicoticket's juices, this one has to be the most complex and difficult to describe. This is a shape-shifter that morphs daily and even hourly. H1N1 is a tobacco vape and yet it isn't. This juice peaks after two weeks of steep time for me personally. I have vaped it daily but notic8.5
This isn't an extremely hot cinnamon vape; this is more of a cinnamon candy vape which a lot of people would love. I was hoping for a more firey-hot taste. So if you like cinnamon that isn't too hot then try this. I hope nicoticket will consider making another cinnamon called Atomic Fire Bomb with s6.5
I love this coconut far the best one I've ever tried. Far above the rest. This is a sweet, natural-tasting coconut, great by itself or mixed with other juices. It does improve with steeping but is great fresh out of the mailbox. Get some chocolate and mix this coconut with it...tastes lik10.5
If you like strawberry, you don't want to miss out on this one for sure! If I could give this 50 stars, it still would not be enough. I have been vaping for one year now and have ordered eliquids from more vendors than I can count and yet have never come across a strawberry this darned good until no10.3
I keep this one on hand all of the time! This one is just as good as Creme Brulee and Custard's Last Stand. It peaks in flavor after a four week steep. This is an excellent vanilla vape...very full-bodied and satisfying...not weak and lacking in flavor at all. Vanilla is my favorite flavor but 11.0
Gravity is a mixture of fruits including tangerine, cranberry, peach and pomegranate. I like Gravity a hair more than I like Betelgeuse. These two fruit vapes are the two fruit vapes that I enjoy most out of everything I have tried. To me, Gravity has a delicious, ripe and juicy flavor of a mango10.8
Gravity is a mixture of fruits including tangerine, cranberry, peach and pomegranate. I like Gravity a hair more than I like Betelgeuse. These two fruit vapes are the two fruit vapes that I enjoy most out of everything I have tried. To me, Gravity has a delicious, ripe and juicy flavor of a mango10.8
Got this as a sample in our order. This is very good! This is a crisp, clean mint (not menthol) that leaves you refreshed and tingly. This is not a vicks vaporub type flavor at all thank goodness! This is delicious. I may mix this in with some of my other vapes as well as vape it by itself. This cou9.5
This really does taste like it has buttery icing...delicious! This is a complex vape that will have you chain-vaping !! I got a flavor fuzion of tastes just like the butter-mints that you used to be able to get and were served after-dinner. I love this one!9.5
Nicoticket hand-mixes each bottle and does not batch-mix, meaning there is a waiting period when you place an order before it is made and ready to ship. The waiting period is an average of seven to ten days. I plan ahead and order my juice early to allow the time for it to be made; I don't wait u11.0
This is my own personal all-time favorite, all-day-vape. It took me an entire year to find this liquid and now its MINE...all mine. I have not allowed myself to run out of Creme Brulee since having discovered it several months ago. It is vanilla on steroids. It is the cat's meow...the dog's bark11.0
I shop at Aiv quite frequently and buy a lot of juices from them. I have always been very happy with my purchases. Their friendly service, beautiful presentation of product and packaging make them a fine choice. Their prices are quite reasonable but I do find shipping to be a bit high for me at l10.3
This is my favorite from Aiv. Blackberries and cream and some mysterious something make this an awesome, top-shelf juice. Reminds me of a delicious blackberry cobbler. I have kept this on hand ever since discovering it. This is a dessert vape and is fairly sweet but not too much.10.5
This is one of my favorite juices from Aiv. I really enjoy this tart flavor and refreshes my taste buds and cleanses my pallete. Reminds me of a lemon-lime mojito. This is a juice that I turn to when I need a break from all of those sweet flavors. This is definitely one to check out.10.5
I searched for a year trying to find a good creme brulee vape and finally found this one but it left a lot to be desired. I get a citrus taste from this but I can't taste any cake or vanilla flavor at all. I have tried to like this juice but I just can't. I find this to be a very bland flavor...e5.0
This is a grape and absinthe or anise with a light icing that makes it refreshing. Had to try this one as I heard so many people talking about it and saying how good it is. They were right, it is outstandingly good! This does make me want to chain-vape. This tastes like the candy called Good and10.0
Bottle of yum!!! This is another very addictive flavors from Vaping Mandy Cat at Timeless Vapors! I think she puts her heart and soul into these bottles and then sends them to us with love. Juices don't get any better than Jedi's Juice. I am addicted to this one just like Exotic Kitty. This one11.0
This is a well-balanced blend of butterscotch and butterum. There is no chemical or perfume taste at all. This is a very smooth and exotic juice that is very addicting. The two flavors are nicely balanced and come together to make a delicious, satisfying vape. The price is excellent, especially 7.8
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