I didn't buy into the hype for the longest time. Especially since it was hard to get. A friend let me try a bit and I was convinced after the first Protank full. I ordered a BIG bottle as soon as it was available again. Like with all my 100% VG juices, I will probably have to remove all of the f9.5
Honey Pearry is a delicious natural tasting vape, but it's kind of strong for me so it's not an ADV. I keep a Protank on hand with it though and switch it in/out of my daily rotation. The flavor does change as it ages, and seems different every time, but is always yummy. I got it in a 50/50 mix a10.0
I totally agree this is an ADV. One of the best juices I've ever tried. Very nice currant and pomegranate flavor, but not overpowering or overly sweet. I was delicious right out of the box and is getting better with steeping. Will definitely order the 60ml bottle next time. I got it in a 50/50 9.5
This juice was great right out of vape mail. As a lover of fruit juices, this one was an instant hit. I got 3 extra flavor shots, so it is pretty strong, but in a good way. Does taste just like the Hi-C Ecto Cooler of days gone by. I wouldn't say 'all day vape' but it's very delicious. Glad I9.0
I didn't quite know what to expect when I tried this the first time. So many people rave about it so I thought I'd give it a go. For me I get butter pecan a little bit, but like tppp said, it's a little different each time. It's very pleasant but I find I switch from it after about a half a day, 8.8
To say this flavor was simply yummy would be an understatement. Easily vapable all day. Reminds me of a Werthers, and I got 3 extra flavor shots for good measure. I vaped this for 3 days solid when I got it and only switched because my taste buds burnt out on it. LOL It was nice to be able to c9.8
I wondered at first if I would like this flavor. The first day I tried it it tasted kind of chemical-like, BUT the more I vaped it the more I loved it. It's an all-day vape easily for me. I got 3 extra flavor shots and the honeydew flavor really shines. It's also nice you can choose PG/VG ratio.8.5
The vendor description says cherry, but I also get a note of apple with this, could just be me. Almost like the way the skin of a red apple tastes. It's lightly sweet, not overbearing and not candy-cherry so I find myself vaping a whole tank in a day with no problem. This is a 100% VG juice so I8.8
I get slightly sweet dark chocolate with a touch of wafer cookie with this. This is a 100% VG dark juice and I've found it requires 2-3 hole punched cartos for tanks and 1 or 2 wicks removed from the Protank to work well for me. It will shorten the life of cartos too, but I find myself sacrificing9.8
This is the 2nd fruit juice I tried from MOV and the pure strawberry taste is amazing. Like a Strawberry smoothie. The description states there is real strawberry juice in it and I can tell. Not really an all-day vape for me, but nice for a treat and helps with after-dinner dessert cravings. I f8.0
All of the juices I've tried from them have been delectable just like the site says. Of all the vendors I order from, AIV has the absolute BEST presentation. The bottles have little charms on them in the tradition of Alice in Wonderland. The boxes have cute stamps, and colorful fill material and 8.3
I got this as part of the "A little bit of everything" sampler and liked it so I ordered a 30ml bottle. The flavor is pleasant, but the cupcake part is pretty muted. It's definitely sweet baked good - maybe without frosting. 🙂 I am letting it steep awhile longer so see if it improves, but it's d8.0
Easy all day vape. On the sweet side, but a nice tobacco flavor with notes of caramel and vanilla. This is a 100% VG dark colored juice, so I've found it requires 2-3 hole punched cartos in tanks, and one or two of the wicks removed from protanks to work well. It seems to shorten the life of cart10.0
Non-sweet tobacco flavor. Not overpowering and not pipe tobacco-ish. Probably the most cigarette smoke flavor in my collection, but much more pleasant. This is an all day (and all night) vape for me, and since the flavor is a dry flavor, it's great with coffee or any beverage. Flows great throug9.5
I get mostly honeydew melon or cantaloupe from this, with slight notes of peach. I've considered ordering this in a lower nic level because it's a chain-vape. Delicious flavor, nice throat hit and good vapor production9.8
Silverthorn is a very nice pipe tobacco flavor. It tastes like unburned tobacco, but is very pleasant with no sweetness. Produces clouds of vapor. I find myself using this as an all day vape. It's very thick, and requires 2-3 hole punched cartos in tanks to flow properly. I also remove 1-2 wick10.0
Vanilla overload! This is one of my favorite sweet flavors and the best vanilla I've tried yet (still a lot more to try). Reminds me of a vanilla cupcake with vanilla icing. It's 100% VG and very thick, so it needs 2-3 hole punched cartos to work properly in carto tanks. I've also removed 1-2 9.5
This juice reminds me of a yummy blueberry cobbler. For best flavor, steep 2-3 weeks, but is ok out of the box. Very addictive!7.4
I got this flavor as part of the "A Little Bit of Everything" sampler and it's one I keep going back to. I even ordered a giant bottle (60ml). To me, it's like a bowl of Crunchberries complete with a little taste of milk. Needs to steep about 2-3 weeks for best flavor, but it's still nice right 6.8
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