DANI Extreme

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Smallest tube mod with 20W power output

– 5 to 20 watts in 0.5 watt increments* – AC – Alternating Current
– Up to 5 amps output
– Heat Protection Function
– Adjustable Voltage setting for battery cut-off – Resistance check (either DC or AC value)
– Display of battery voltage under load
– Adjustable brightness display (Luminosity)
– Setting the length of time the menu is displayed
– Setting the standby time
– Flexible number of clicks needed to display the menu
– Personalise click setting between 0-5 to activate the Dani
– Ideal for atomizer use between 0.7 Ohm and 3 Ohm (minimum 0.4 ohm is possible) – Efficiency 95% (at 10 watts)
– Reverse polarity protection

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Build quality ( 11 )
Ease of use ( 10 )
Performance ( 11 )
Price ( 10.7 )

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Added by kranjo

They sayBest Mod Ever
They bought it fromGreek Mods
Paid179 Eur
Their setupPulse G, Trident, Protank II, Ithaka, Fogger v2


Device information

Made byDicodes
Mod typeVariable Wattage
Battery typeS - 18350 M - 18490/18500 L - 18650 (one can use 3rd party extension tubes on smaller mods)
Aimed atExperienced Vaper / Connoisseur

Reviews (3)

DANI Extreme 10.5

Amazingly good build quality. I wish it was floating 510 pin in the 510 connection, but since it would make the size of the mod larger it is really ok as it is. I have turned 510 screw on my RDA & RTA fully, and everyone sits flush now. I have a Dani Premium that I use dripper with a well constructed twisted 32AWG on 1Ω to compensate for that it does not go further up than 20W, but it delivers surprisingly good on a dripper with reduced chamber eg Quass from Cosmic Innovations.

I am also in possession of a Little Greek as I mainly have Kayfun V4 on. It has the same fabulous build quality, but are incredible 68 mm high (low).

The only thing I really miss is the ability to go higher than 20W to use real dual coil setups in RDA's.

Atomiser used: Kayfun V4, Cosmic Innovation Quassar, Visious Ant Manta.
Batteries used: AW IMR batteries
Bought from:

  • Amazing build quality.
  • Small size.
  • 510 connector isn't adjustable.
Posted on February 11, 2015 12:36 pm
DANI Extreme 10.8

I've owned all sizes of the Dani, S, M and L. I bought the first version of it initially before the Extreme came out. When the Extreme was announced I received an email from the vendor that said I could send my mod back to the manufacturer for an upgrade. How often does that happen? So that is a big plus not being left with an out of date mod.

My first Dani was the M (18500) version. Immediately I found battery life to be excellent. Lasting longer than a mech mod with a Kick. The Dani M of only slightly bigger than a ProVari Mini without extensions. Vape quality is consistent I have experienced juddering in the output or changes in temperature of the vape.

I bought a few more Danis to sit other atties on and all of them have performed faultlessly so build quality and reliably are consistent and high.

I now use the S version for a stealthy 'out and about' setup matched with a KFL+ Nano. I get a whole working day vaping at 10 watts from it.

Battery life is consistently good across all sizes of the Dani. The mod has a weighty feel without being overly heavy.

The only niggle I have had is that the 510 connector isn't adjustable. Other than that I would highly recommend this mod to someone looking for a solid small VW tube mod.

Atomiser used: KFL+/SQuape
Batteries used: AW IMR
Bought from:

  • Small VW tube mod
  • Goes up to 20 watts
  • Excellent battery life
  • 510 connector not adjustable
Posted on January 12, 2014 10:38 pm
DANI Extreme 10.8

Now I have it for about month, and all I can say, this mod is awesome. The battery life is excellent. I can use it all day on 10-12W with single Efest 18500. When I was using kick in my nemesis with AW IMR 18650 i had to change batt before the end of the day.
Menu is something you will need to get used to. But nothing to be afraid of ;-)
Machining quality is superb, all treads smooth, button never missfires.

I recommend this to anyone who is looking for small mod with 20W of power and good battery life.

Atomiser used: Kayfun lite plus
Batteries used: Efest 18500, AW IMR 18650
Bought from:

  • machining quality
  • size
  • performance
  • nothing found so far
Posted on January 4, 2014 9:39 pm

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