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Everything you’ve come to know about telescopic devices, throw it out the window. You’ll no longer have to twist and turn 20-30 times to adjust the tube. With the V3tronix Flip, you’ll be on your way with only 3 1/2 turns.

Phil Busardo says of the V3 Flip…
“V3Tronix continues to impress with their latest mechanical, The Flip. The ‘3D’ CNC machining on this mod is very impressive. The locking mechanism is, once again, done right. It also has some unique features I haven’t seen in a mech before like the flipping battery tubes to change battery configurations over the never-ending screwing and unscrewing you find in many telescopic mechs, or the replaceable tubes that you wind up losing or mixing up with other mod part. The spring loaded center pin is pretty awesome as well…

I think if I were to ever come out with a mech, V3Tronix will be doing the machining!”


-Crafted from 304 Food Grade Stainless Steel
-Manufactured in an ISO 9001 compliant facility to ensure you will receive the best possible device.
-3 1/2 twists and one or two flips will convert the device to support different battery modes
-Battery Mode Support: 500, 500+Kick, 650, 650+Kick (and Kick 2)
-No extra tube will be needed for the Kick or Kick 2
-24k Hard D Gold Plated Brass contact
-Floating and adjustable contact
-3D Engraving – as deep as 2mm in some areas
(This is NOT laser engraving. The tube is milled in a CNC machine. Total machine time is approximately 25 minutes to complete the engraving.)
-Upgraded power button

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Added by darth-vapers

They sayStunning. Beautiful. Unbeatable. Un-Cloneable. Superior design and craftsmanship, with a level of detail which is unparalleled in the world of E-Cigarette Mods.
They bought it fromV3tronix website
Their setupKayfunLite / iSmoka Magoo


Device information

Made byV3tronix
Mod typeMechanical
Battery type18500, 18500+Kick, 18650, 18650+Kick (or Kick 2)
Aimed atExperienced Vaper/Connoisseur

Reviews (1)

Flip 10.8

What can I say about the V3tronix "Flip" mod that the picture hasn't already said? There are certain objects which, after only one look are unmistakably valuable. The V3 "Flip" is that kind of mod. Brought to us by U.S.-based V3tronix, the visionaries who gave us the legendary ".50 Cal bullet mod". V3tronix has done it again, and in style. Once you hold the "Flip" in your hand, and run your fingers over the engravings (2mm deep at some points), you realize you're not just holding a 100% American-Made mechanical mod, you are holding a piece of modern industrial art.

As one would expect from a mod of this caliber, all constituent components of The V3 "Flip" are of the highest quality. We're talking about a 304L Stainless Steel mod, which is also available in Titanium, or in a stunning, 24K Hard-D Gold-Plated version, as well. All contacts are fashioned from Brass, then plated in 24K Gold, to the highest level of Hard Plating available, Hard-D. Simply put: The Gold is thick, as hard as it gets, and will not be rubbing off. Ever. Conductivity is tremendous, and voltage-drop is infinitesimal. Besides being the best looking mod I've ever seen, it is also the hardest-hitting mechanical I've yet to vape.

The feature-set on The "Flip" includes a floating center-pin, nestled in a Delrin housing which also has an adjustable positive contact-pin to compensate for any "battery rattle" one might encounter. Ultimately, every part of the top-cap assembly is completely adjustable, and gives a totally customizable and perfect fit for any setup. The entire housing can be removed and cleaned periodically to the owner's liking. The top-cap is beautifully milled with substantial grooves to provide maximum airflow to myriad atomizers. The switch is purely magnetic, has a tremendously smooth and short throw, and boasts the smoothest locking feature I've yet to experience. One quarter-turn and the device is locked. Never fear anyhow, because it will not fire under it's own weight when stood upright. Not even when topped with a full-loaded tank atty.

The real genius behind the "Flip" is the innovative cap threading design. The threads are so beautifully machined, and buttery-smooth, that with less than 4 spins, the caps are off and can be flipped (get it?) around to convert the "Flip" into another of it's 4 possible configurations. (18500/18500+Kick/18650/18650+Kick) Yes, 18650 and a Kick/Kick2 fits beautifully. In fact, that's pretty much what it's designed for. V3tronix does sell additional battery spacers, which can be added in lieu of The Kick, in order to see the full engravings. When shortened to it's 18650, or either 18500 mode, the caps will overlay part of the design.

While the time and effort which goes into the CNC milling of The "Flip" is quite extensive, and thus almost impossible to copy or clone for a marketable cost, the "Flip's" cap design will surely be copied by every other mod maker in the future.

The "Flip" comes with a nice black belt-loop carry case with V3's logo emblazoned upon it. A Velcro flap houses the mod nicely at your side for travel. When I take The "Flip" on the road, I get complete strangers asking me if they can see it. It's definitely a conversation-starter, and an absolute pleasure to vape. It has a great weight to it, and feels solid in-hand. Just an all-around outstanding piece of vape gear that will be hard to beat. In my estimation, it's the mechanical mod to end all mechanical mods. It's that sweet looking.

I run my "Flip" fully-extended with a Sony 18650 and a Kick 2 set for 11-13W, and I can get a solid 3-4 hrs of vape-time per 2000mAh. One really neat feature that will also appeal to vape-geeks, such as myself, is that the battery vents are placed in such a way that they serve as a showcase "window" to see the battery inside. It's just a really small, yet insanely clever touch, which exemplifies the thoughtful detail which went into The "Flip's" design process. If you pick up a "Flip", prepare to be amazed every time you see it.

Atomiser used: iSmoka Magoo
Batteries used: Sony VTC4, Efest IMR 18650/18500
Bought from: V3tronix Advanced Vape Tech

  • Stunning looks, takes 18650+Kick 2
  • Incredibly accurate, tactile button
  • All CNC milled engravings. No cheap lasers.
Minors No minors
Posted on March 5, 2014 2:10 am

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