Just GG SS

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A masterpiece as the first GGTS.
A must have mechanical mod for those who love and respect ther money.
Great threads,great CNC work and of course the sign of IMEO.
You can combine a telescopic mod with a standard and both options in a hybrid mode with ithaka.

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Just GG SS Just GG SS

Added by nordic

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Am a vaper for the last 3 years.I started vaping to cut the analogs and this became more than this.My search for the best juices are my priority cos everything start from a good juice.I had taste most of the juices out there and making my own recipes etc
They sayMasterpiece as the first GG
They bought it
Paid160 euros
Their setupIthaka


Device information

Made byImeo
Mod typeMechanical
Battery type18350,18490,18650
Aimed atExperienced Vaper

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