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The Magneto is a telescoping mechanical mod that comes with a magnetic bottom switch. Many reviewers called the Magneto “the best mech mod to come out of China”. It’s not a clone but it has borrowed from some of the best mods out there. It’s made from stainless steel and there is a brass one now. Depending on the version you get, you are able to get it with or without the logo and with or without an adjustable center pin. You also have the option of purchasing new top caps for it that have an adjustable pin and that will accept Ego type atomizers, etc.

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Added by clippergear

They sayGreat looking, never had an issue with any of the several I own.
They bought it &
Paid$40.00 to $50.00
Their setupanything


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Made bySmokTech
Mod typeMechanical
Battery type18350, 18490, 18500, 18650
Aimed atAnyone

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Magneto 10.0

The brass version:

A solid device. Feels sturdy, threads are machined well. The button has a smooth feel and a light press, but firm enough so you can set it down on the button without locking it and it won't fire. The locking ring is very smooth as well.

The 'Smok' logo is nicely stamped on the side. The tube has two good sized holes for battery venting. The top cap is removable, as well as the bottom switch assembly, though the battery is not accessible from the bottom. There is only the slightest wobble in the tube when fitted with an 18650, nowhere near enough to notice unless you are looking for it.

There is no drip well on top, and only features a 510 connection (no eGo threading) out of the box. The description above states that top caps with eGo threading are available.

The only issue I've had is that every once in a while, it doesn't fire when I press the button. It doesn't feel like I'm pressing on it differently when this happens.

Mine has an adjustable (but not floating) center pin, and no logo on the button. Not sure if all brass devices are like this.

Purchased mine for about $50, which I consider to be a steal. Awesome device for the price,

Atomiser used: EVOD (with adapter), HH357 atomizer, IGO-T RDA
Batteries used: 18650
Bought from: My Vapor Store

  • Price
  • Smooth button feel
  • Solid build quality
  • No drip well
  • Only 510 out of the box
  • Very occasionally, the button doesn't fire
Posted on February 24, 2014 3:44 pm

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