NZonic V5

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This is the legendry Nzonic telescopic mechanical mod from the Philippines.

This version is made from 304 stainless steel with a brass accent near the reverse threaded locking mechanism and all copper contacts and a floating copper centre pin. The copper used is of the highest quality (99.99%) and helps give the mod very low voltage drop under use.

The magnetic firing button is 304 SS with a very short throw and great feel.  It is finished with a Swarovski crystal in the centre of the firing button.

The Nzonic uses a very special technique known as pressed EVM to “engrave” the mod and give it it’s unique high quality finish. Ours comes with 2 x switches – onet set with the green and one with the blue crystal.

This version also come standard with the flat top which is usually an optional Nzonic extra.  It has the same Nzonic drip catch in the honour of the Philippine Flag for which the Nzonic is recognised for.

You are also able to use the following battery configurations: To use the Nzonic V5 in 18650 mode will require use of the included 18650 tube.

  • 18350 (with or without a kick)
  • 18490/18500 (with or without a kick)
  • 18650 (with or without a kick)

A review of the V5 and of the Nzonic V3 (the same as the V5 with a different finish) can be seen here:

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Build quality ( 10 )
Ease of use ( 10.5 )
Performance ( 10.5 )
Price ( 8 )

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NZonic V5 NZonic V5 NZonic V5

Added by tppp

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Smoked for 15 years, vaped from early 2013 - WOW what a difference. Really enjoy tasting something nice and not stinking of smoke all the time. Run marathons these days, couldn't have imagined that when I was smoking.
They sayBeen lusting after a good mod for ages and finally buckled once I saw Todds review of this, in the post to me at the moment - cannot wait for it to arrive.
They bought it fromShmovapes
Paid£115 (including a second modified/improved switch and the flat top that's usually an extra purchases)
Their setupPlan to put a kick2 inside it and reactor 2 on top


Device information

Made byMadz Modz
Mod typeTelescopic Mechanical
Battery type18xxx
Aimed atConnoisseur

Reviews (2)

NZonic V5 9.8

I was looking for a nice telescopic mod and this is what it came in stock at the rite time.
The threads are great and the machining is amazing.
The button is great and never misfires except if its unscrew from the inside.
The floating center pin is great and works nicely.
The copper contacts provide a great conductivity and this mod hits equal to a nemesis.
The only thing that make me feel anxious is the time that i have to remove every part to clean it.

Atomiser used: Prometheus,Ithaka,Kayfun,Taifun,Stormrider
Batteries used: 18490,18650
Bought from: SHMOvapes

  • Build Quality
  • Performance
  • High Priced
  • Hard to remove the parts for cleaning
Posted on November 4, 2013 9:10 am
NZonic V5 9.8

Really nice device. Great build quality and low voltage drop. My multimeter gives 4.2v from a fully charged 18650. Looks good and the price is decent for a well built mod.

Atomiser used: Kraken tank
Batteries used: Sonya 18650 (10A)
Bought from: SHMOvapes

  • Great build quality
  • Looks good
  • Low voltage drop
  • Lots of unscrewing
Posted on October 30, 2013 6:55 pm

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