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The long awaited simple 14500 personal vaporiser from Super T Manufacturing finally becomes reality.

All mechanical. Stainless Steel with brass accented locking mechanism (twist to lock). Adjustable throw/button travel. Integrated hidden venting. Engraved bottom button. 510 threaded, works with most standard 510 cartomisers, atomisers, tanks and rebuildables.

Precision-manufactured in the USA, as with all Super T mods, the Precise Simplicity features a lifetime warranty on body and switch components.

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Precise Simplicity Precise Simplicity Precise Simplicity

Added by tppp

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Smoked for 15 years, vaped from early 2013 - WOW what a difference. Really enjoy tasting something nice and not stinking of smoke all the time. Run marathons these days, couldn't have imagined that when I was smoking.
They saypretty good
They bought it fromCloud9vaping
Their setupIGO-L


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Made bySuper T
Mod typeArray
Battery type14500
Aimed atArray

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Precise Simplicity 10.0

I have owned and used various P+ mods so I bought the Simplicity for the small size and build quality. When it arrived I was shocked at how small it was. The new models now have an adjustable centre pin so no problems screwing various atties on which is a bonus over the previous model.
The one big gripe is the switch. It comes ready for AW IMR batteries - I use Efests so I had to play about with washers and orings to get a good fit. This would usually be an easy task but the way the Simplicity is set up means that you have to mess around with a long screwdriver to get everything back in place. I've since moved on to a G16 which I actually prefer. Shame because the performance was outstanding.

Batteries used: Efest 14500
Bought from: Cloud 9 Vaping

  • New adjustable centre pin
  • Pocket friendly mod
  • Extremely well made
  • Adjustment needed for batteries
Posted on August 10, 2014 9:33 am
Precise Simplicity 8.0

I was looking to buy a 14500 for a long time.When i saw this i said "this is it".The guarantee quality of super T was my big motivation.I bought it without watching any video about this and i was disappointed when it came to my hands.
The finishing is awesome and the fire button is great.The only BIG problem for me is the non adjustable center pin.
Most of my rba 14500 atties had a gap with it.I really dont understand why they didn't add a floating pin or something equal.I was very disappointed and sold it.

Atomiser used: Arrow,Penelope
Batteries used: 14500 AW
Bought from: Super-T

  • Nice finish
  • Soft button-No missfires
  • Nice grip
  • No adjustable center pin
Posted on October 23, 2013 8:09 am

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