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This Tesla APV was designed in the US to bring everything that’s good about e-cigarettes in a single, affordable device. The Tesla not only sports aggressive good looks, it’s durable and packed with features. The body is fully vented and is made from a high-tech aluminum alloy for a lightweight, yet very robust design.

The end cap also features unique full side venting. The battery connection features true eGo threads and a deep well for compatibility with more cartomizers.

Tesla’s innovations aren’t limited to the body design. It features a beautiful OLED screen that displays menu items in plain English The Tesla can run in either variable voltage or variable wattage modes and boasts a beefy 3 Amp circuit for high performance on a single IMR18650 battery. (flat top)

PWM chip tuned to RMS settings.
Adjustable voltage or power
Atomizer check function
Battery Voltage check function
Reverse battery installation protection
Fully Vented body and bottom cap
Thick Aluminum alloy light weight build
OLED screen
Ego Well connection
Slotted 510 connection with floating center pin
Available in Black and Stainless Steel.

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Tesla APV

Added by vapingbarb

They sayLove it! Powerful, light weight but durable. Negatives: Button placement does need to be improved on future models.
They bought it fromLocal B & M
Their setupProtank 2 & Nautilus


Device information

Made byunknown
Mod typeVariable Voltage & Variable Wattage
Battery type18650 Flat top
Aimed atRegular Vaper

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