Vamo V3

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New Design The Vamo V3 Mod

With Gold Spring, Featuring the New Upgraded OLED Screen, Usual Vamo Features and Upgraded Design.

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Build quality ( 7 )
Ease of use ( 11 )
Performance ( 9.3 )
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Vamo V3 Vamo V3

Added by mimsy

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Smoker for 15 years, tried to quit several times but usually failed within weeks. Now a shiny addict.
They sayDoesn't look great, build quality could be better, very functional though.
They bought it fromUK E Cig Cabin
Their setupProtanks, Drippers, Kayfun Lite


Device information

Made byVamo
Mod typeArray
Battery type18350, 18650, 2x18350
Aimed atArray

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Vamo V3 9.8

I was genuinely excited to get my first proper mod, I started out with a basic tornado tank system.

The device looks fantastic, it's big enough to announce it's presence and has often been a conversation starter with my non vaping friends...

Since owning the device for 6-7 months, my only major bone of contention is the 1.4 ohm limit for coiling.

It's quite versatile in other respects, 18350 & 18650 mode can make the large device quite pocket friendly for going out and about.

Atomiser used: Kanger Protank II
Batteries used: Torchy 18650 2000Mah
Bought from:

  • Variable Voltage / Wattage
  • Buttons are nice and clicky
  • OLED Screen
  • Build Quality
  • Shiny finish is a fingerprint magnet
  • Won't fire below 1.4 ohms.
Posted on January 30, 2014 9:59 pm
Vamo V3 8.8

This used to be my go to VV mod, but it is made kinda cheap. I have been through 2 of these, but are worth the money. When it is functional, it is a great vape.

Atomiser used: all
Batteries used: MKNE
Bought from: Local B&M

  • great vape
  • great features
  • Price
  • cheaply made
Posted on August 30, 2013 5:32 pm
Vamo V3 9.6

This is a great 'my first mod'. Sure, the looks are not great, and the build quality could be better, but it just has so many features.

VV/VW, Multiple battery configurations (18350, 18650, 2x18350), Ohms checker, Battery life indicator, 510 and ego cone threading.

It performs well too, just kind of ugly!

Atomiser used: Kayfun Lite
Batteries used: 18650
Bought from: Fasttech

  • Cheap as chips
  • Has all the features of a high end mod
  • Build quality not great
  • Doesn't look good
  • Large
Posted on August 24, 2013 8:38 pm

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