This flavour reminded me of the cereal golden nuggets and was nicely thick, unfortunately my local shop doesn't have it anymore and I can't find where to get it in the UK :( PS I am not able to click on the rating I would give this without it going back to the item's page so it does not reflect ...5.1
This flavour reminded me of the cereal golden nuggets and was nicely thick, unfortunately my local shop doesn't have it anymore and I can't find where to get it in the UK :(...5.1
I miss this juice so bad! When I had ordered and they told me they were just selling what they had an will no longer make, I was so upset. It was my ADV. I love it! They told me it might be coming back first of year, I am going to order as much as I possibly can! I only vaped this and never anything...11.0
Can someone PLEASE tell me where I can purchase this product? I’m in GA and they used to sell it at K’s Vapor. Now NO ONE has it! I started ordering from vape goddess and now they’re closed down! I need this juice in my life. It is by far the BEST I’ve ever used! Nothing compares!...11.0
my after dinner juice. a bit too sweet for all day. ...9.5
Recently ordered their Wintergreen and Eve's Delight. Both Flavors are awesome. There was a delivery hang up due to them not having them in stock, however their customer service is incredible. Also from their website you can select any nicotine concentration, any PG/VG ratio, and any additives to an...8.4
I am proud to say this has been one of the only juices i have had since i began vaping in 2014. It has single handedly stopped me smoking tobacco and will therefore always have a place in my heart. When asked what it tastes of i struggle.. the mix is too complex to pick out individual flavours (h...11.0
I just bought Aloha Punch and it taste like chocolate...mis-labeled perhaps? ...6.9
Simply it'a totally tase like Cinnamon Toast Crunch! Just like a bite from the best cinnamon cereal. Best at the morning :)...10.0
Definitely the best summer vape I have ever tried. The flavour is so accurate! Feels exactly like sipping on a glass of some great homemade lemonade. Deserves 10+ stars. It's not overly sweet which is amazing and thus it doesn't get sickly. The clouds are more than great, consistent big clouds and a...9.5
I think this is the original one that has all the creamy, apple pie taste with a bit of sweet hint. I could vape it all time!...10.3
One of the best summer taste I've tried, it's super refreshing taste a perfect juice for hot summer days :)...8.5
loved this!...10.3
Loved this!...10.5
liked it...9.0
Brought this on a whim in a batch of 24 to see what Mt Baker juices were like. Cheap is about the only positive I could find. I didn't find a single good juice out of 24 that I purchased. This was amongst the worst of them all and the non menthol version was no better. I guess you get what you pay f...4.0
Just to everyone Looking Praying this is the day GVC will be in stock Guess What IT'S NOT!! Get over to BLUEDOT juices and get the Milk of the Poppy and Dot's Custard One of the two will Replace GVC for you trust me and it is relatively cheap!!!! Try BlueDot Today after that get some Strawberr...5.5
This is an excellent all day fruit vape. You get a semblance of excellent flavours that really come out regardless of your mod and for me at least, never seem to get old....10.3
My favorite everyday ...9.5
My favorite everyday ...9.3
I see that it's supposed to be black liquorice flavour but I never got that out of it. My bottle had a creamy taste with the slightest hint of fruitiness. And I hate black liquorice so seeing that Apollo's is supposed to be that was a surprise. (Although the bottle was several months expired when I ...5.8
I love this vendor, and I love the create your own system they have. Trying to perfect your own flavor is a lot of fun and is so much easier than making juice myself The dragon juices I've tried there are fantastic as well....9.8
I love gold rush...5.5
I own a large e cigarette store in Florida. Danielle at wholesale at sues juice is refusing to give me the letter of conformity so I'm refusing to pay. I told her that all she had to do was give me my GCC and I'd pay her but no she wanted to apparently never get paid. And the shipment I received sho...3.9
this is a unique gingerbread vape with an undertone of virginia tobacco great smooth vape could vape all day but prefer to relax with it as its a soothing vape after a long work day ...6.8
Worst £17 pound ever spent using Griffin RTA best cotton money can buy Clapton coils dual for good favour and the flavours there but not strong enough I make better home juices my self with stronger flavours ...4.5