OBS KFB AIO Kit Preview-With Top Side Fill System

Have you ever used the SMOK Stick AIO? If yes, then you may feel familiar with the following AIO vape kit from OBS named KFB, cause they are very similar in appearance.

OBS KFB Kit is an AIO device made of 304 stainless steel. It looks to be a well made device. One of the features from the Crius was the top side fill system. This made filling easy regardless of the bottle being used to fill thanks to a generous filling hole. Working down from the top you have the tank area. This is a 2ml capacity and compliant with the TPD in Europe. Bear in mind this is an AIO (all in one), the tank doesn’t actually separate, nor does it have a spare glass. However, the glass is protected by the body of the tank. This should offer ample protection. Moreover, owing to the premade 0.3ohm single coil, you’ll enjoy a great flavor and vapor production. Below this is the fire button, nice and clicky and lights up. Usual story here of five clicks on five clicks off easy! Finally, at the base of the sleek body is where what I deem to be the best feature of an AIO stick device.
Cheap OBS KFBYou can unscrew the bottom and place in your own 18650 battery. Heavy vapers might be rather disappointed in stopping using a device they are happy with because of having to let it charge up. So for them having user replaceable batteries is a big positive. Providing you look after this and your batteries, you will have a device that will outlast similar products with a built-in battery as well as being able to take advantage of larger battery capacities. To my mind, it’ll serve vapers who want zero maintenance or for use as a second device very well.

Parameters are as below:
Size: 21mm x 130mm
Material: 304 stainless steel
Battery type: 1x 18650 Battery (Not included)
Tank capacity: 2ml
Coil: 0.3ohm single coil (35 – 50W)

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