One month old, almost special announcement

As of ‘right now’ we’re exactly one month old! What started as a bit of an idea has evolved and grown into a website and then (and to be honest I’m blown away by this part) it’s turned into something that lots of people are using and really liking.

I’ve been working on an idea, I’d hoped to announce it tonight and make it the first month birthday present to you the website user, but it’s not quite there and needs a touch more finesse.

Maybe this is teasing, maybe it’s a great build…. but I’m not going to make the announcement right here right now. I should be ready in the next few days and will tell you all the moment I can. Part one is here and right next to me, it’s brilliant, part two you’ll love and part three, well I hope to lock that down.

I’ll announce it on Facebook first, then twitter, then here. so make sure you follow us in the right places 😉

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And of course you can like away as you wish…

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