“The vote on 8 October and its consequences”

With the vote now getting further behind us it’s time to think about what comes next. I’ll leave it to others that are more qualified than I to go into the detail, and begin with this piece from the French Vapers Association Aiduce.

My opinion is still not to panic, but also to not to adopt a laissez-faire attitude either. This piece could easily have been entitled “The vote and its consequences a warning from French vapers”.

On 8 October 2013, the European Parliament voted that the electronic cigarette should not be classified as either a medicine or a tobacco product.

By a large majority, MEPs decided that it should remain a general consumer product, subject to tight advertising regulation (to prevent its promotion to minors), to the provision of more information about ingredients, to the presence of safety warnings and to the proper application of the Directive on General Product Safety.

AIDUCE warmly welcomes this democratic expression of the wishes of Europe’s millions of electronic cigarette users. The product has thereby been recognised as an alternative to tobacco which is infinitely less dangerous and which, subject to certain sectorial provisions, should remain freely available to smokers in Europe’s single market.

However, we are concerned that this victory for public health is on the verge of being stolen.Aiduce

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(English speakers, scroll down for the same piece translated)

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