“Scaring People About e-Cigarettes: A Public Health Disgrace”

According to Dr. Gilbert Ross, Medical and Executive Director, American Council on Science and Health…Smoking is America’s most important, and preventable, public health problem: It is estimated that almost a half-million of us will succumb prematurely to smoking’s deadly effects each year, with twenty-times that number sickened. Among our 43 million smokers, over half try to quit each year, yet less than one in twenty succeed. The FDA approved products–patches, gums, and drugs–help “boost” that to about one in ten, an abysmal “success” rate of 10 percent. Yet, the official line, from the FDA and the CDC on down, is “stick with the FDA-approved methods; don’t even try anything else!”

Chief among that “anything else” are e-cigarettes, loved by users–because they do help you quit–but almost unanimously hated by officialdom. Dr. Ross has been in the forefront of those criticizing the coordinated and baseless attacks on e-cigarettes for years, and fortunately he is not alone. Other good guys include Bill Godshall, Brad Rodu, Michael Siegel, Carl Phillips, and Clive Bates. However, there are powerful forces against e-cigarettes, including the proverbial strange bedfellows.

Clearly, Big Tobacco has been against e-cigarettes from the get-go, alarmed by decreasing cigarette sales, compared to skyrocketing e-cigarette sales.Health News Digest

Health News Digest

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