“Scientific evidence clearly indicates e-cigarettes are considerably less harmful than tobacco cigarettes”

Fantastic response by Dr Farsalinos to an earlier British Medical Journal article entitled ‘Safety of e-cigarettes still needs to be proved‘ by. Dr Farsalinos is a massive ally to vapers for the simple reason that he believes that science shows that vaping is orders of magnitude better that smoking.

We were dismayed by the approach of Valentine and Nicholson to the issue of e-cigarettes [1]. Of course, unexpected health consequences may occur in the medical profession as it has been also the case with several medications, such as thalidomide, cerivastatin and rofecoxib to name a few. But this cannot be used as a valid argument to oppose e-cigarettes. They suggest e-cigarettes should be quarantined until results from long-term studies are available, while in reality this is not a requirement for any other product approved for human consumption. Even for medications, no regulatory agency is asking for long-term safety data before being approved for use. Although some problems have emerged, such as the recent story with olmesartan [2], this cannot justify a request to provide long-term studies before approval of medications; it will just be impossible for anyone to cope with the financial cost, while at the same time evolution of new medications will become very slow.


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