Smoke Free Manchester attack e-cigs

smokefreemanchester-ecigsSmoke Free Manchester is also known as the ‘Manchester Stop Smoking Service’. It’s publicly funded and staffed by “Experienced Stop Smoking Specialist Advisors” [sic] providing tailored advice and support to help people to stop smoking and stay smoke free.

Great. What could possibly be negative about that?

Today word reaches us that they have published and are circulating this leaflet (click to enlarge) both digitally and in person to the general public.

When I first saw it I was horrified, then I was furious, and now I’m just sad that a body that should be helping get people away from cigarettes is publishing leaflets that are either poorly researched or worse, a deliberate attempt to miss-lead the public.

I’ll leave it to Gluggler’s Blog to break down each of the points made. I don’t think I’m giving anything away by saying that they’re all shown to be wrong.

Piss Poor Research from ‘Smoke Free Manchester’ – a rebuttal

Smoke Free Manchester have produced a leaflet about electronic cigarettes. It is either the result of piss-poor research or deliberate disinformation.


So lets have a look at each line :

“Are Electronic cigarettes safe? – We don’t know” – Yes we do, there has been extensive research by highly qualified Doctors such as the people working at the Clearstream Project, to name just one of many.
We know that electronic cigarettes are about 1000 times less harmful than cigarettes and on a par with caffeine use.

“There is no proof they are safe” – as above. Also to note that they are used as an alternative to tobacco smoking and equally there is no proof that they are unsafe.

“The vapour may reduce the oxygen levels in your body” – completely evidence free statement, with the “may” caveat – pure propaganda.

“There is no proof that they can help people stop smoking” – False, there is plenty of proof that they provide a suitable alternative to smoking tobacco. If they didn’t work then people would stop using them. In the real world the growth is exponential – what does that tell you?Glugglers Blog

Read the full story here

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