“UK TPD Implementation Plan Starts Here – It’s Time To Act”

The Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) planned regulations were released yesterday with little fanfare, but looking into this more deeply, it will mean an end to vaping and e-cigarettes as we know it right now.

Mark this date in your diary 20th May, 2016 is when TPD will be implemented.

Here’s the plan in full, our area of interest is Part 6 – Electronic Cigarettes:

The Tobacco and Related Products Regulations 2016

Let’s break this down then. What does this mean to the consumer? What does this mean for vendors?

  • 10ml e-liquid bottle limit
  • 20mg nicotine maximum strength
  • No colouring allowed in e-liquid
  • Pharma grade ingredients only in e-liquid
  • Mechanisms for leak free filling only with a maximum capacity of 2ml 
  • MHRA will regulate flavours and devices
  • All vendors need to register with secretary of state and send reports on all products they sell and yearly updates

Everything seems fairly reasonable at first glance, but look again.The Grumpy Vaper

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