5 Pawns Signature Vapor Liquid, Five Pawns

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5 Pawns Signature Vapor Liquid

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They sayHigh quality crazy blends that i fell in love with, very expensive but well worth it for the quality!
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5 Pawns Signature Vapor Liquid 0.0

Do you support vapers? If so, will you continue to sell a liquid with RECORD LEVELS of AP and DA? In case you are unaware, you may want to check these links. Look at the lab test results for Absolute Pin. This juices was supposed to be 50/50, 3mg/ml and AP/DA free. It tests 70/30, 2mg/ml nicotine and 2.5mg/ml of AP. MORE THAN NICOTINE.

Click Bang:

Cloud Nines independent test results of 5P:

I look forward to hearing your response.

Best regards,
Mark Overberg

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Posted on July 1, 2015 4:56 pm
5 Pawns Signature Vapor Liquid 10.4

I just tried the signature sample pack from Five Pawns and I am hooked! There is not a bad juice in the bunch. My least favorite was Bowdens Mate, anyone that loved menthols would love this juice but I am not a big mint fan. Queenside is delicious, it tastes like fresh blood oranges with a hint of vanilla. Gambit tastes and smells like apple pie, I got compliments on the scent while vaping this. Grandmaster is a creamy peanut butter banana blend that is outstandingly delicious. Absolute Pin is the last of the sample pack, I have not tried it yet but if it is like the other juices I am sure it will be fantastic. These juices are a bit pricey, but, I am willing to pay extra for a truly outstanding vaping experience. These guys are a cut above any other vendor I have tried.

Country you bought from: USA

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Posted on August 23, 2014 4:12 am

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