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Welcome to Brothers Juice Factory. We are inventors of Top Quality E Liquids for vapers made by vapers. We only use the best ingredients available to create wonderful E Liquids that are full of flavour and are mixed to a 50/50 ratio with ba minimum flavour percentage of 35%

When we create a Juice it always comes from a childhood memory or experience that we would like to see in vape form and vape ourselves. A flvour can take a month or more to develop into a Juice that we are happy to take to market.

We hope you enjoy the Brothers Juice Factory range of juices as much as we do.

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They sayGreat juices with brilliant flavour. A new vendor but one to watch
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Brothers Juice Factory 2.8

a newish juice firm set up by two brothers called brothersjuicefactory
i ordered and tried 4 of the of the juice on offer but only liked one from there range . all test's where set up on a zenith v2 with fresh cotton coiled at 1.6 ohms
first up was the nanny ogg's banana custard 6mg nothing real different smooth on the inhale with a strong taste of banana could not pick up on the custard if it was there then it was very weak in fact there was a slight pepper taste in the back ground now don't get me wrong i love me custards and this one just don't cut it

Country you bought from: uk

  • they have plenty in stock
  • it don't taste quite right
Posted on August 29, 2014 2:39 am

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